Yasir Yılmaz
Stephan Kurz
Arno Strohmeyer
Governor of Rumelia, Vizier Abdullah Paşa is commanded to quickly travel to Nissa to lead the Ottoman delegation during the embassy exchange;
the task was previously commissioned to Vizier Mehmed Pasha, who was situated in Nissa, but Mehmed Pasha is now deemed not suitable and qualified enough to represent the honor of the Ottoman Empire during the embassy exchange;
Abdullah Pasha is ordered to move to Nissa in the shortest time possible and represent the honor of the Sublime State as it has been the custom for a long time
Befehl an den rumelischen Gouverneur Wesir Abdullah Paşa, Istanbul, 21. bis 31. März, 1719, bearb. von Yasir Yılmaz, Datenmodellierung: Jakob Sonnberger, Stephan Kurz, in: Die Großbotschaften Damian Hugo von Virmonts und Ibrahim Pachas (1719/20), hg. von Arno Strohmeyer und Stephan Kurz (Digitale Edition von Quellen zur habsburgisch-osmanischen Diplomatie 1500-1918, hg. von Arno Strohmeyer, Projekt 1), Wien 2022.
Online unter: https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:vipa.mh.osm.17190321
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