9. Juli 1719
Plowdiw nach Wien
Damian Hugo von Virmont
ÖStA, HHStA Wien
Staatenabteilungen, Türkei I
Kt. 184-2, fol. 128r-129v
Lisa Brunner
Stephan Kurz
Arno Strohmeyer
In a brief note written by Virmont from Plovdiv and addressed to the Hofkriegsrat, he reports on the condition of the plague on his route. At Plovdiv, he gives strict orders to his entourage to stay in camp and prohibits anyone from the city from entering the camp. He writes that changing his route could be considered, but that would have prolonged the journey and thus is not preferable. He recommends that Graf von Oduyer, the Habsburg commander in Belgrade, do his utmost to prevent the spread of the plague.
Damian Hugo von Virmont an den Hofkriegsrat, Plowdiw, 9. Juli 1719, bearb. von Lisa Brunner, Datenmodellierung: Stephan Kurz, in: Die Großbotschaften Damian Hugo von Virmonts und Ibrahim Paschas (1719/20), hg. von Arno Strohmeyer und Stephan Kurz (Digitale Edition von Quellen zur habsburgisch-osmanischen Diplomatie 1500-1918, hg. von Arno Strohmeyer, Projekt 1), Wien 2022.
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