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Studio portrait of Stefan Stambolov

Studio portrait of Stefan Stambolov, © Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of SciencesenlargeStudio portrait of Stefan Stambolov, © Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


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Object:Studio portrait of Stefan Stambolov
Description:Upper body profile shot in an oval frame, depicting a man who is wearing a dark urban greatcoat and a light-coloured fur cap. Verso: hand-written inscription: "1879 or 1878."
Comment:Stefan Stambolov (1854 - 1895) was a Bulgarian politician, a deputy at the Bulgarian Founding Assembly of 1879, Vice Chairman and later Chairman of the Bulgarian Parliament. In 1886 Stambolov became Regent until the proclamation of Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as Knyaz of the autonomous Principality of Bulgaria in 1887. He was also Prime Minister for seven years (1887 - 1894). Stambolov was assassinated in July 1895. Photographs VASE.00260 and VASE.00261 are identical. They were probably taken earlier (in 1878 or 1879) in Belgrade or in Sofia by Anastas Karastoyanov and later mounted on cardboard by Anastas's son Dimitar Karastoyanov.
Date:Not before 1878, Not after 1910
Location:Belgrade or Sofia
Country:Serbia or Bulgaria
Creator:Stojanović/Karastoyanov, Anastas Nikolov or Karastoyanov, Dimitar Anastasov, (Photographer)
Dimensions:Artefact: 106mm x 67mm
Image: 96mm x 62mm
Format:Carte de visite
Technique:Not specified
Keywords:150 Behavior Processes and Personality > 156 Social Personality
290 Clothing
550 Individuation and Mobility > 551 Personal Names
640 State
660 Political Behavior
670 Law
680 Offenses and Sanctions
Copyright:Научен архив на Българската академия на науките
Archive:Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Inv. No.: Ф. 19К, оп. 2, а.е. 1-14
License:This picture is licensed under Creative Commons [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]
Editor:Anelia Kassabova