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Studio portrait of a man in folk costume

Studio portrait of a man in folk costume, © Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of SciencesenlargeStudio portrait of a man in folk costume, © Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


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Object:Studio portrait of a man in folk costume
Description:Full length shot of a standing man in folk costume with a fur cap, leaned on an umbrella. He is standing next to a cloth-covered table. Painted canvas backdrop depicting columns and a park scenery.
Comment:Verso: hand-written inscription [from K. Jireček]: "Slatina bei Sofia / Sopi Sofijski (od Slatiny)." The photograph is kept in the personal archive of Konstantin Jireček. Konstantin Josef Jireček (1854 - 1918) was a Czech historian, diplomat and Slavist. He entered the Bulgarian service in 1879, and in 1881 became Minister of Education in Sofia. In 1884 he became Professor of Universal History in Czech at the Charles University in Prague, and in 1893 Professor of Slavonic Antiquities at the University of Vienna.
Date:Not before 1878, Not after 1880
Creator:Stojanović/Karastoyanov, Anastas Nikolov, (Photographer)
Dimensions:Artefact: 104mm x 65mm
Image: 96mm x 58mm
Format:Carte de visite
Technique:Not specified
Keywords:150 Behavior Processes and Personality > 156 Social Personality
290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
560 Social Stratification
560 Social Stratification > 565 Classes
530 Arts > 5310 Verbal Arts
810 Science and Humanities > 814 Humanistic Studies
640 State
640 State > 648 International Relations
Copyright:Научен архив на Българската Академия на Науките
Archive:Scientific Archive of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Inv. No.: Ф. 3К, оп. 1, а.е. 1289-2
License:This picture is licensed under Creative Commons [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]
Editor:Anelia Kassabova