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Studio portrait of Pera Dobrinović in character as 'Pantelija'

Studio portrait of Pera Dobrinović in character as 'Pantelija', © Museum of Theater Art of SerbiaenlargeStudio portrait of Pera Dobrinović in character as 'Pantelija', © Museum of Theater Art of Serbia


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Object:Studio portrait of Pera Dobrinović in character as 'Pantelija'
Description:Full-length shot of a man in stage costume as the blind 'Pantelija' from Okrugić's play 'Saćurica i šubara'.
Comment:Pantelija' is a character in the play 'Saćurica i šubara' by the Catholic priest, poet and playwright Ilija Okrugić Sremac (1827, Sremski Karlovci – 1897, Petrovaradin). Petar "Pera" Dobrinović (Belgrade, 1853 – Novi Sad, 1923) was an actor and director at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad and at the Royal Serbian National Theatre in Belgrade. Before becoming one of the greatest actors on the Serbian stage, he worked as a journeyman in his father's barbershop in the centre of Belgrade.
Creator:Jovanović, Milan, (Photographer)
Dimensions:Artefact: 210mm x 130mm
Technique:Not specified
Keywords:290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
300 Adornment
470 Business and Industrial Organization > 472 Individual Enterprise
510 Living Standards and Routines > 516 Postures
530 Arts > 536 Drama
540 Commercialized Entertainment > 545 Musical and Theatrical Productions
550 Individuation and Mobility > 551 Personal Names
550 Individuation and Mobility > 554 Status, Role, and Prestige
560 Social Stratification
580 Marrige
590 Familiy
890 Gender Roles and Issues
Copyright:Muzej Pozorišne Umetnosti Srbije
Archive:Museum of Theater Art of Serbia, Inv. No.: II-103
License:This picture is licensed under Creative Commons [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]
Editor:Ana Djordjevic