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VIF | Visualizing Family, Gender Relations and the Body. The Balkans approx. 1860-1950

Outdoor group photograph

Outdoor group photograph, © Museum of Applied ArtenlargeOutdoor group photograph, © Museum of Applied Art


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Object:Outdoor group photograph
Description:Group photograph depicting 14 men standing, three seated men and 12 women who are either sitting or standing. Most of them are dressed in town attire, wearing hats. Two men are wearing uniforms and one is wearing a fez (hat). Most of the people in the photograph are middle-aged. One of the seated men is holding a football in front of him. The group has been photographed in front of a forest or park.
Comment:Photograph kept in a photo album that probably belonged to Ranko Petrović, professor at the First Belgrade High School. The photograph was probably taken in one of Belgrade's local recreation areas.
Date:Not before 1896, Not after 1903
Creator:Jovanović, Milan, (Photographer)
Dimensions:Artefact: 168mm x 238mm
Technique:Not specified
Keywords:290 Clothing
290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
300 Adornment
360 Settelments > 365 Public Utilities
360 Settelments > 367 Parks
510 Living Standards and Routines
520 Recreation
550 Individuation and Mobility > 551 Personal Names
550 Individuation and Mobility > 554 Status, Role, and Prestige
560 Social Stratification
570 Interpersonal Relations
710 Military Technology > 714 Uniform and Accouterment
870 Education
880 Adolescene, Adulthood, and Old Age > 887 Activities of the Aged
890 Gender Roles and Issues
Copyright:Muzej Primenjene Umetnosti
Archive:Museum of Applied Art, Inv. No.: 10675
License:This picture is licensed under Creative Commons [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]
Editor:Ana Djordjevic