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TTHUB: Text Technologies Hub for Extending TEI Training in Spanish

Susanna Allés Torrent, Gimena del Rio Riande

Keywords: teaching resources, teaching resources, Spanish, Latin America, online teaching
Permalink: https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:tei2019.153

TTHUB: Text Technologies Hub for Extending TEI Training in Spanish

Susanna Allés Torrent (University of Miami)

Gimena del Rio Riande (IIBICRIT, CONICET)

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) was, from its beginnings, a very much Western, English-language project. However, its use is nowadays global. The efforts to internationalize the TEI's documentation started with an initiative led by Sebastian Rahtz by 2005. This work resulted in partial translations in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, and German. Still, the TEI Guidelines are written and edited entirely in English, and most of the courses and tutorials are either written in English or use examples from European or North American literatures.

We believe that, in order to adopt the TEI, the academic community, individuals and institutions, need to have more resources available in their native language. With this in mind, we have recently decided to undertake a still emerging project- the Text Technologies Hub or TTHub [1] -, an online open site that aims to function as a hub of materials in Spanish devoted to the global Spanish community interested in Digital Scholarly Edition with TEI and Text Technologies. Our goal is to serve as a hub of available online materials, resources, software, and technologies that can potentially serve those Spanish-speakers scholars interested in textual studies, digital editing, corpus construction, and digitization processes in Spanish. It can also help researchers interested in Hispanic Literatures.

This poster aims to describe the goals, challenges, possible uses, and materials of the TTHUB. We believe resources as such can facilitate the learning experience of scholars and students in a self-taught experience, as part of the materials of an academic syllabus, or even as the common ground for teaching at workshops and other training events.

[1] See: http://tthub.io