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Virtual reconstruction of scattered provenance of Bohemian printed books

Renáta Modráková, Tereza Paličková

Keywords: books, libraries, provenance, geolocations, names
Permalink: https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:tei2019.147

Virtual reconstruction of scattered provenance of Bohemian printed books

NAKI MK ČR project DG18P02OVV009 " Virtual reconstruction of scattered provenance of Bohemian books " 2018-2022 is handled by a consortium of three institutions (Library of the National Museum, National Library of the Czech Republic and National Heritage Institute). The main task of the project is to research and record Bohemian library collections (libraries and printed books by Czech owners and owner institutions) and their virtual reconstruction in the online database of the book owners PROVENIO and in the database of national authorities in the NL CR on the basis of Aleph (MARC21), which is supported by all XML-elements.The newly created authority records of the book owners will also be sent to the CERL Thesaurus database. The data is stored in the PROVENIO database. The project plans to upgrade the database with geolocations and to make it usable in GoogleMapps. The project results will be published through the database of book owners PROVENIO and in the form of five exhibitions (four standard and one virtual) dedicated to nobility libraries in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, surviving testimonies to the culture of reading in the past, nobility sponsorship of literature, and fragments of old library collections in the Reserve collection of the National Library. As a support for the care of historical collections in smaller museums, galleries and other memory institutions will be elaborated a methodology of research, revision, and passportisation of historical book collections and in cooperation with Czech Association of Museums and Galleries will be ready for experimental operation an on-line form for provence evidence.