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'Ghost' in front of a bazaar shop

'Ghost' in front of a bazaar shop, © Mehmed A. Akšamijaenlarge


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Object:'Ghost' in front of a bazaar shop
Description:Blurred figure of a passer-by in front of a shop selling opanci in Kujundžiluk Street. Two boys with feses on their heads peek at the camera from the right margin of the photograph. The smaller one in front is wearing urban European clothes, the one behind, only partially seen, is in Bosniak costume. opanci in various sizes and styles are hanging from the wooden frame of the shop, and the floor is littered with cushions. The shop owner is sitting on a stool in the background, shielded by the pole.
Comment:Analogue photographic process, negative-positive (Agfa Isopan 17 DIN). Original preserved as a positive on silver bromide paper, stored as a print and a digital record.
Location:Sarajevo, Kujundžiluk
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Creator:Akšamija, Alija M.
Dimensions:Positive: 90mm x 90mm
Keywords:100 Orientation > 103 Place Names
130 Geography > 131 Location
290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
290 Clothing > 295 Special Clothing Industries
460 Labor > 461 Labor and Leisure
Bibliography:Akšamija, Mehmed A. (2015): Alija M. Akšamija – Monografija arhivografije. Sarajevo: BANU. Vol. I, 74.
Copyright:Mehmed A. Akšamija
Archive:Alija M. Akšamija private collection, Sarajevo (Collection Sarajevski ciklus 1938./39. – Slučajni prolaznici u pokretu IV), Inv. No.: A.M.A. P 72 39
Editors:Mehmed A. Akšamija, Kristina Ilić, Nataša Mišković