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Šeher-Čehajina Bridge and Alifakovac in summer

Šeher-Čehajina Bridge and Alifakovac in summer, © Mehmed A. Akšamijaenlarge


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Object:Šeher-Čehajina Bridge and Alifakovac in summer
Description:View over the Miljacka and Šeher-Čehajina ćuprija towards the mahalla of Alifakovac during summer. A few people are crossing the bridge. A large poplar tree dominates on the right, hiding part of the Inat kuća just behind. Next to the tree, the minaret of the Vekil Harč Mustafa Mosque looks very modest in height.
Comment:The picture is taken from the same spot as siba.4884. Together they form a negative-diptych. Analogue photographic process, negative-positive (Agfa Isopan 17 DIN). Original preserved as a negative-diptych, stored as a negative and a digital record.
Location:Sarajevo, Alifakovac
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Creator:Akšamija, Alija M.
Dimensions:Negative: 60mm x 60mm
Positive: 180mm x 180mm
Bibliography:Akšamija, Mehmed A. (2015): Alija M. Akšamija – Monografija arhivografije. Sarajevo: BANU. Vol. I, 86.
Copyright:Mehmed A. Akšamija
Archive:Alija M. Akšamija private collection, Sarajevo (Collection Sarajevski ciklus 1938./39. – Panorame i vedute Sarajeva XXVI), Inv. No.: A.M.A. N 29 39
Editors:Mehmed A. Akšamija, Nataša Mišković