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Lady with a parasol in Mihrivode

Lady with a parasol in Mihrivode, © Mehmed A. Akšamijaenlarge


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Object:Lady with a parasol in Mihrivode
Description:A veiled lady with a parasol in the steep mahalla of Mihrivode. She wears a plaid zar with gloves and dušeme. Her face is covered with a light, semi-transparent scarf with a flower pattern, which is also drawn over part of her fes. She is standing in the lower left corner of the picture, posing for the camera. The photographer's gaze leads up the lane, not capturing the lady’s lower body in the frame.
Comment:The lady is wearing men's gloves and has very large hands. She is probably a man. The blown up image reveals a moustache under the veil. Analogue photographic process, negative-positive (Agfa Isopan 17 DIN). Original preserved as a positive on silver bromine paper, stored as a print and a digital record.
Location:Sarajevo, Mihrivode
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Creator:Akšamija, Alija M.
Dimensions:Positive: 180mm x 180mm
Keywords:100 Orientation > 103 Place Names
130 Geography > 131 Location
290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
300 Adornment > 301 Ornament
560 Social Stratification > 562 Gender Status
770 Religious Beliefs > 771 General Character of Religion
Bibliography:Akšamija, Mehmed A. (2015): Alija M. Akšamija – Monografija arhivografije. Sarajevo: BANU. Vol. I, 46.
Copyright:Mehmed A. Akšamija
Archive:Alija M. Akšamija private collection, Sarajevo (Collection Sarajevski ciklus 1938./39. - Slučajna prolaznica u mahali I), Inv. No.: A.M.A. P 15 39
Editors:Mehmed A. Akšamija, Kristina Ilić, Nataša Mišković