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Day labourers at Sebilj Fountain II

Day labourers at Sebilj Fountain II, © Mehmed A. Akšamijaenlarge


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Object:Day labourers at Sebilj Fountain II
Description:Two men are sitting on the stone bench of the Sebilj fountain in Baščaršija. They are dressed in shabby dark suits and fes, and have their right legs crossed over their left knees. The man in the foreground is wearing opanci and has a large moustache. His battered fes has lost its form. The young lad sitting behind him is seen in profile. His fes is in perfect shape and pushed far back on his head, giving way to some curly locks on his forehead. He is bent over his leg, scratching his ankle. In the background, the goods of a nearby shop are on display.
Comment:The two men are day labourers (težak, pl. težaci). The older man obviously cannot afford to have his fes steam-cleaned back into shape. Analogue photographic process, negative-positive (Agfa Isopan 17 DIN). Original preserved as a negative and positive on silver bromine paper.
Location:Sarajevo, Baščaršija
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Creator:Akšamija, Alija M.
Dimensions:Negative: 60mm x 60mm
Positive: 120mm x 120mm
Keywords:100 Orientation > 103 Place Names
290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
340 Structures > 341 Architecture
460 Labor > 461 Labor and Leisure
560 Social Stratification > 564 Castes
Bibliography:Akšamija, Mehmed A. (2015): Alija M. Akšamija – Monografija arhivografije. Sarajevo: BANU. Vol. I, 49.
Copyright:Mehmed A. Akšamija
Archive:Alija M. Akšamija private collection, Sarajevo (Collection Sarajevski ciklus 1938./39. - Težaci II), Inv. No.: A.M.A. N P 17 38
Editors:Mehmed A. Akšamija, Kristina Ilić, Nataša Mišković