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Boy and four Bosniak ladies in Bistrik

Boy and four Bosniak ladies in Bistrik, © Mehmed A. Akšamijaenlarge


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Object:Boy and four Bosniak ladies in Bistrik
Description:A boy in a cap and dressed in a suit that is far too large, a waistcoat, white shirt and tie, is walking out of the right lower corner of the frame. He is followed by four fully veiled Bosniak ladies with umbrellas opened to protect them against the sun.
Comment:The party is walking to the chocolate factory located in the mahalla of Bistrik, an excursion destination popular among Sarajevo locals on holidays. Analogue photographic process, negative-positive (Agfa Isopan 17 DIN), 60x60mm format negative, original photograph on silver bromide paper.
Location:Sarajevo, Bistrik
Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Creator:Akšamija, Alija M.
Dimensions:Positive: 180mm x 180mm
Keywords:100 Orientation > 103 Place Names
290 Clothing > 291 Normal Garb
590 Familiy > 593 Family Relationships
560 Social Stratification > 562 Gender Status
Bibliography:Akšamija, Mehmed A. (2015): Alija M. Akšamija – Monografija arhivografije. Sarajevo: BANU. Vol. I, 40.
Copyright:Mehmed A. Akšamija
Archive:Alija M. Akšamija private collection, Sarajevo (Collection Sarajevski ciklus 1938./39. - Slučajni prolaznici VIIa), Inv. No.: A.M.A. P 7 39
Editors:Mehmed A. Akšamija, Nataša Mišković