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Elegant people walking in Kalemegdan Park

Elegant people walking in Kalemegdan Park, © The Museum of Applied Artenlarge


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Object:Elegant people walking in Kalemegdan Park
Description:Elegantly dressed people walking in Kalemegdan Park on a sunny day, some of them with prams and accompanied by small children in short trousers. The less elegant among them lean against the railing of the terrace enjoying the view towards the river, or watching the elegant people.
Comment:Comment on the backside: "Beograd-Kalemegdan. Prvi prolećni sunčani dan na kalemegdanskom šetalistu. Snimak: A. Simić (1927)".
Country:Serbia (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Type:Photographic negative
Creator:Simić, Aleksandar-Aca
Dimensions:Positive: 170mm x 125mm
Keywords:290 Clothing > 292 Special Garments
510 Living Standards and Routines > 517 Leisure Time Activities
560 Social Stratification > 565 Classes
100 Orientation > 103 Place Names
850 Infancy and Childhood > 854 Infant Care
Copyright:The Museum of Applied Art
Archive:Muzej primenjene umetnosti, Belgrade (Collection Aca Simić), Inv. No.: N 21580
Editor:Nataša Mišković