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'Slava' ceremony of the colonial merchants

'Slava' ceremony of the colonial merchants, © Photoarchive Borbaenlarge


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Object:'Slava' ceremony of the colonial merchants
Description:Three dignitaries representing the merchants' organizations of Belgrade pose together with archpriest Božić and patriarch Dimitrije at a table prepared for the slava ritual. The table is covered with a white cloth and features a tall candlestick decorated with a tricoloured ribbon, a loaf of bread, a glass of red wine and a carefully bound bunch of basil on a plate filled with water. The glass cabinets behind are decorated for the occasion with a large kelim and an icon of three saints. Inside the cabinets, various stuffed birds are on display.
Comment:The photograph appeared in the newspaper Vreme on 13 Feburary 1929 in its 'Belgrade Chronicle' section. From left to right: archpriest Božić, patriarch Dimitrije, Stevan Sekerezović, president of the Colonial Merchants' Association, Mihajlo Đurić, vice-president of the Chamber of Merchants, and Toma Radenković, president of the Merchants’ Association of Serbia. The colonial merchants celebrated their slava on the day of the Three Holy Hierarchs ('Sveta Tri Jerarha') in the hunters' room of the Hotel Imperijal.
Country:Serbia (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Type:Photographic plate
Creator:Grdijan, Svetozar (probably)
Dimensions:Negative: 90mm x 130mm
Keywords:430 Exchange > 438 Domestic Trade
220 Food Quest > 221 Annual Cycle
350 Equipment and Maintenance of BLDGS > 353 Building Interiors and Arrangement
790 Ecclesiatical Organization > 796 Organized Ceremonial
Bibliography:Slava udruženja trgovaca-kolonijalista. Vreme 2566, 13 February 1929, 9.
Copyright:Photoarchive Borba
Archive:Borba fotodokumentacija, Belgrade (Collection Vreme), Inv. No.: Borba0117
Editors:Milanka Matić, Nataša Mišković