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Soldiers preparing Christmas trees in Topčider

Soldiers preparing Christmas trees in Topčider, © Photoarchive Borbaenlarge


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Object:Soldiers preparing Christmas trees in Topčider
Description:View from above of a fenced area in a hilly wood. Several soldiers are busy with 'badnjak' trees decorated with ribbons. One of them is mounted on a horse, obviously supervising. An officer in a respective cap is occupied with his horse in front of the entrance to the fenced area. A small wooden chapel can be seen in the background, and some soldiers riding by.
Comment:Probably taken in Topčider. The ceremony of felling, cutting and bringing the 'badnjak' log into the home where it is laid on the fire is a central element of the traditional Serbian Christmas celebration.
Date:Not before 1925, Not after 1940
Location:Belgrade, Topčider (probably)
Country:Serbia (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Type:Photographic plate
Creator:Grdijan, Svetozar (probably)
Dimensions:Negative: 90mm x 130mm
Keywords:180 Total Culture > 186 Cultural Identity and Pride
220 Food Quest > 221 Annual Cycle
310 Exploitative Activities > 314 Forest Products
460 Labor > 461 Labor and Leisure
700 Armed Forces > 708 Auxiliary Corps
Copyright:Photoarchive Borba
Archive:Borba fotodokumentacija, Belgrade (Collection Vreme), Inv. No.: Borb0064
Editors:Milanka Matić, Nataša Mišković