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Portrait of the female boxer Koka Cvijić

Portrait of the female boxer Koka Cvijić, © Photoarchive Borbaenlarge


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Object:Portrait of the female boxer Koka Cvijić
Description:Upper body portrait of a young woman in a dark coat and a pilot's cap decorated with a small aeroplane badge and a light-coloured braided cord. She is smiling into the camera with her arms boldly folded and her head slightly turned to the left.
Comment:The gender of the person on the picture is not evident and only clear in context. The photograph was published in the newspaper Vreme to illustrate an article by M. Savić about a boxing match between Koka Cvijić and Petar Savić. Fifteen-year-old Kosara Koka Cvijić was the first woman in Yugoslavia to win a mixed boxing match. The 'házená' (Czech handball) player won the amateur fight against young professional boxer Petar Savić in three rounds. The match attracted great public attention, even more so when Savić later claimed that it had only been a display and that he had let her win. Koka was known for dressing and behaving like a man. The badge on her cap was the emblem of the royal Yugoslav Aero Klub, 'Naša krila’ (Our wings).
Country:Serbia (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Type:Photographic plate
Creator:Grdijan, Svetozar (probably)
Dimensions:Negative: 90mm x 130mm
Keywords:150 Behavior Processes and Personality > 156 Social Personality
550 Individuation and Mobility > 551 Personal Names
510 Living Standards and Routines > 516 Postures
520 Recreation > 526 Athletic Sports
540 Commercialized Entertainment > 542 Commercialized Sports
Bibliography:Prva bokserka-pobednica, g-ca Koka Cvijić pozvala je pobedjenog g. Savića na nov meč. Vreme 2287, 13 March 1928, 5.
Copyright:Photoarchive Borba
Archive:Borba fotodokumentacija, Belgrade (Collection Vreme), Inv. No.: Borba0023
Editors:Milanka Matić, Nataša Mišković