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'Fat Rozika', sitting

'Fat Rozika', sitting, © Photoarchive Borbaenlarge


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Object:'Fat Rozika', sitting
Description:The obese female peformer Rozika is sitting on a broad chair posing for the camera in the centre of a backyard in Balkan Street. She wears a white sleeveless blouse, underpants and stockings along with black pumps, a necklace, a watch and several rings on her fingers. Her right stocking is loose, and she is pulling up her blouse, uncovering her bare right thigh with a faint smile. The chair and the space in front of the performer are covered with a patterned blanket. In the background is the wall of a house with a door and three windows. In the upper left corner, the blurred silhouette of man with a wheelbarrow is watching the scene.
Comment:Anna Schmidt (1897-1931) from Munich, better known as 'Rozika', 'Rosa Debela' or 'Die dicke Rosl aus München' was a female performer who displayed her body for money. Until her early death in 1931, she travelled through Europe with her agent, presenting her unusual weight of 270 kg. She visited Belgrade in November 1929. A newspaper advertisement underlined that she needed two chairs to sit. The entrance fee was two dinars.
Location:Belgrade, Balkanska ulica
Country:Serbia (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Type:Photographic plate
Creator:Grdijan, Svetozar (probably)
Dimensions:Negative: 90mm x 130mm
Keywords:150 Behavior Processes and Personality > 156 Social Personality
180 Total Culture > 184 Cultural Participation
540 Commercialized Entertainment > 545 Musical and Theatrical Productions
550 Individuation and Mobility > 551 Personal Names
740 Health and Welfare
890 Gender Roles and Issues
300 Adornment > 301 Ornament
Bibliography:Žena od 270 kila u Balkanskoj ulici. Politika 7748, 28 November 1929, 10.
Copyright:Photoarchive Borba
Archive:Borba fotodokumentacija, Belgrade (Collection Vreme), Inv. No.: Borba007
Editors:Milanka Matić, Nataša Mišković