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Bookseller Niyazi Bey

Bookseller Niyazi Bey, © Yapı Kredi bankenlarge


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Object:Bookseller Niyazi Bey
Description:A man is standing in front of a bookshop. He is looking to the left and smiling vaguely. His left hand is in his trouser pocket. He is wearing a suit. The shop window behind him is filled with books. A billboard annouces that novels can be borrowed, too. A series of portrait photographs are pasted on the shop window, mostly of women who are probably film or theatre stars.
Comment:The picture appeared in the context of an article in the column ‘Halkın Sözü’ (People's voice), which on this day posed the question: ’Do the people read? ’. The man on the picture is Niyazi Bey, owner of the bookshop with the name ‘Revolution’. He stated that mostly young people bought his books and that he seldom had middle-aged customers.
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Type:Photographic negative
Creator:Görgüç, Namık (probably)
Keywords:210 Records > 212 Writing
210 Records > 213 Printing
210 Records > 214 Publishing
460 Labor
Bibliography:Halkın Sözü. Halk okuyormu? Yeni Gün, 11 May 1931, 7.
Copyright:Yapı Kredi bank
Archive:Yapı Kredi tarih arşivi, Istanbul (Collection Selahattin Giz), Inv. No.: 11/0112B
Editor:Joël László