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Fire brigade festivities in Taksim Stadium

Fire brigade festivities in Taksim Stadium, © Yapı Kredi bankenlarge


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Object:Fire brigade festivities in Taksim Stadium
Description:A small wooden hut is set up in the centre of the Taksim stadı playing field. To its left, three firemen in uniform and helmets are arranging a fire hose. About a dozen more men, barefoot and dressed in light three-quarter pants, long-sleeved jerseys and with a shawl wrapped around their heads, are in action around the hut. Two are standing on the roof fixing another hose. Others are tearing down planks from it, more are watching. Behind them is a tall structure set up for more demonstrations, but unattended. The stands around the field are crowded.
Comment:The photograph was shot in the context of an article that appeared in Cumhuriyet in August 1937 reporting on festivities linked to the fire brigade.
Location:Istanbul, Taksim
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Type:Photographic negative
Creator:Görgüç, Namık or Giz, Selahattin
Keywords:370 Energy and Power > 372 Fire
700 Armed Forces > 702 Recruitment and Training
650 Government Activities
Bibliography:Dünkü itfaiye töreni. Cumhuriyet, 15 August 1937, 7.
Copyright:Yapı Kredi bank
Archive:Yapı Kredi tarih arşivi, Istanbul (Collection Selahattin Giz), Inv. No.: 3/0613A
Editors:Joël László, Nataša Mišković