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Shopkeeper trying to hook a customer

Shopkeeper trying to hook a customer, © Yapı Kredi bankenlarge



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Object:Shopkeeper trying to hook a customer
Description:A man in front of a fashion shop in an alley in Mahmutpaşa çarşısı leans towards a passing woman, touching her arm in an inviting gesture. The middle-aged woman, dressed in a çarşaf like her companion on the right, withdraws defensively. Several people in the lane have turned to watch the scene. Inside the shop, another man is standing behind one of the two glass counters at the entrance and looks out solemnly, hands folded.
Comment:The photograph accompanied an article in Cumhuriyet with the title, ‘Preparations for bayram in the city’.
Location:Istanbul, Mahmutpaşa, Fatih
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Type:Photographic negative
Creator:Görgüç, Namık or Giz, Selahattin
Keywords:230 Animal Husbandry > 233 Pastoral Activities
780 Religious Practices > 788 Ritual
790 Ecclesiatical Organization > 796 Organized Ceremonial
Bibliography:Şehirde bayram hazırlıkları. Cumhuriyet, 6 January 1935.
Copyright:Yapı Kredi bank
Archive:Yapı Kredi tarih arşivi, Istanbul (Collection Selahattin Giz), Inv. No.: 3/0232B
Editor:Joël László