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Ramadan musicians collecting bahşiş

Ramadan musicians collecting bahşiş, © Cengiz Kahramanenlarge


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Object:Ramadan musicians collecting bahşiş
Description:A man in tattered clothes, a flat cap and dirty shoes is playing the zurna in front of a house door, accompanied by a similarly dressed musician beating a kudüm. They are surrounded by other men and three boys, who are listening and watching. Between the two musicians, a man in a very neat hat and tie offers a plate to a man standing at the entrance. The latter looks towards the camera and ostentatiously places a coin onto the offered plate.
Comment:The picture accompanied an article in Cumhuriyet with the title, ‘Impressions of yesterday’s holiday’. Its legend reads: ‘Beggars’ (dilenciler). Ramadan drummers and musicians traditionally walk the streets to wake up the inhabitants in time for sahur, the last meal before sunrise and a day of fasting.
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Creator:Görgüç, Namık (probably)
Keywords:530 Arts > 533 Music
530 Arts > 534 Musical Instruments
570 Interpersonal Relations > 571 Social Relationships and Groups
730 Social Problems > 735 Poverty
520 Recreation > 527 Rest Days and Holidays
Bibliography:Dünkü Bayram gününün intibaları. Cumhuriyet, 3 March 1930, 1.
Copyright:Cengiz Kahraman
Archive:Cengiz Kahraman, Istanbul (Collection Private collection), Inv. No.: BAYRAM - EV- CALGICILAR
Editors:Joël László, Cengiz Kahraman, Nataša Mišković