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Tayyare apartment buildings

Tayyare apartment buildings, © Cengiz Kahramanenlarge


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Object:Tayyare apartment buildings
Description:View of Tayyare Apartmanları in Fatih. The road in the foreground features tram tracks on either side of a line of trees fenced in iron around the lower trunk. In the lower left corner, a man on a heavily loaded donkey has turned his head back towards the apartment building. Three men are walking in the opposite direction: one on the strip between the tramlines and two on the opposite side of the street right in front of the building. The area to the right of the building is undeveloped.
Comment:The vessels loaded on the donkey suggest that the rider is a milkman. Milkmen frequently used donkeys for transport.
Date:Not before 1929, Not after 1935
Location:Istanbul, Lâleli, Fatih
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Keywords:340 Structures > 341 Architecture
340 Structures > 342 Dwellings
360 Settelments > 362 Housing
360 Settelments > 363 Streets and Traffic
360 Settelments > 365 Public Utilities
490 Land Transport > 492 Animal Transportation
Copyright:Cengiz Kahraman
Archive:Cengiz Kahraman, Istanbul (Collection Private collection), Inv. No.: TAYYARE APARTMANLARI- 0K72
Editors:Yorick Tanner, Cengiz Kahraman, Nataša Mišković