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Flea market in Edirnekapı

Description:A crowd is resting in a field outside the city walls near Edirnekapı. Children, men and women are grouped as if on a family outing, some sitting on the earth with shoes removed, others lying on the ground. Most of the women are wearing a . In the centre forground, a seller with two large baskets roams the crowd. Somewhat behind him is a cart pulled by oxen, and a handcart loaden with fruit. In the lower right corner, a group of men in European suits sits around an open box. A veiled woman in a is passing with a large basket on her arm. The area is bordered by a few stone houses and a path with a high stone wall. Behind, in the area up to the city wall, are the gravestones of a Christian cemetery.
Comment:The flea market near Edirnekapı took place every Friday in late summer and attracted traders and visitors from the whole Istanbul area. This picture appeared on 22 August 1931 in the newspaper Yeni Gün as part of a series with the title, 'İstanbul'un Köşe, Bucağı’ (Corners and nooks of Istanbul), authored by Osman Cemal (Kaygılı). He portrayed the area as a wide field in the midst of several old cemeteries and introduced readers to some of the traders and visitors.
Location:Istanbul, Edirnekapı, Fatih
Country: Turkey
Technique:Not specified
Keywords:430 Exchange > 438 Domestic Trade
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360 Settelments > 367 Parks
430 Exchange > 432 Buying and Selling
Bibliography:(Kaygılı), Osman Cemal: 'İstanbul'un Köşe, Bucağı – Edirnekapı'da Mısır Safası!' Yeni Gün, 22 August 1931.
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