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Sailing boats on the Bosphorus near Akıntıburnu

Sailing boats on the Bosphorus near Akıntıburnu, © Cengiz Kahramanenlarge


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Object:Sailing boats on the Bosphorus near Akıntıburnu
Description:View of the Bosphorus from the Akıntıburnu quay in the direction of the historical fortress of Rumeli Hisarı and beyond. The view is divided by a prominent pylon on the right margin and several wires stretching across the upper half of the picture, standing out against the sky. On the water, two sailing boats – one with full sails at the centre of the image, the other in the foreground – approach the quay. Two men are working on the boat in the foreground: one is handling a long pole at the bow, the other is occupied with the near the stern. Squatting against a pylon at the quay, a third man in a raincoat is looking towards the approaching boat. The silhouette of Rumeli Hisarı stands out against the sky on the left margin of the picture.
Comment:Sailing boats were used to transport goods on the Bosphorus.
Date:Not before 1925
Location:Istanbul, Akıntıburnu, Beşiktaş
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Creator:Görgüç, Namık
Keywords:500 Water, Air, and Space Transportation > 501 Boats
480 Travel and Transportation
340 Structures > 349 Miscellaneous Structures
Copyright:Cengiz Kahraman
Archive:Cengiz Kahraman, Istanbul (Collection Private collection), Inv. No.: AKINTIBURNU- YELKENLI- BOGAZ- NGTF
Editors:Yorick Tanner, Cengiz Kahraman, Nataša Mišković