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Military funeral procession in Süleyman Seba Street

Military funeral procession in Süleyman Seba Street, © Cengiz Kahramanenlarge


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Object:Military funeral procession in Süleyman Seba Street
Description:A funeral procession of uniformed men is moving along Süleyman Seba Street. They are carrying two wreaths. The first includes a portrait of the deceased. The core of the procession is composed of officers. They are framed by two lines of soldiers carrying guns on their right shoulders. Bystanders on the sidewalk and people on balconies are watching the scene. Part of the Akaretler Sıraevleri can be seen in the background.
Comment:The procession seems to be following strict military protocol. There is no religious dignitary. The soldiers in the procession are probably students from the Harbiye military academy.
Date:Not before 1930, Not after 1935
Location:Istanbul, Süleyman Seba Caddesi, Beşiktaş
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Creator:Görgüç, Namık (probably)
Keywords:760 Death > 764 Burial Practices and Funerals
760 Death > 769 Cult of the Dead
780 Religious Practices > 788 Ritual
710 Military Technology > 714 Uniform and Accouterment
360 Settelments > 362 Housing
340 Structures > 341 Architecture
Copyright:Cengiz Kahraman
Archive:Cengiz Kahraman, Istanbul (Collection Private collection), Inv. No.: AKARETLER- CENAZE TORENI
Editors:Yorick Tanner, Cengiz Kahraman, Nataša Mišković