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Horse market

Horse market, © VEKAM Vehbi Koç and Ankara Research Centreenlarge


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Object:Horse market
Description:A market scene showing men sitting on wooden stools or standing along a cobbled bazaar street, working or trading. Most of them are dressed in simple clothes, wearing a fes. To the right is a kahvehane with a signboard in Arabic letters: 'Salowos Zakozova 76'. One single woman in a çarşaf is standing under its roof, watching the scene.
Comment:The photograph was probably taken near the horse market.
Country:Turkey (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Type:Photographic negative
Dimensions:Artefact: 180mm x 250mm
Keywords:360 Settelments > 365 Public Utilities
430 Exchange > 432 Buying and Selling
570 Interpersonal Relations > 571 Social Relationships and Groups
Copyright:VEKAM Vehbi Koç and Ankara Research Centre
Archive:Vehbi Koç ve araştırmaları merkezi, Ankara (Collection Ankara), Inv. No.: 0016
Editors:Milanka Matić, Nataša Mišković