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LocationPtuj (Pettau)
Description World War I postcard with a tinted image of the construction of a pontoon bridge over the Drava River in Ptuj. Below are flags with the Habsburg black and gold and the Hungarian green, white, and gold.
CommentPostcard sent by a soldier recovering at the military hospital in Ptuj. Rubber stamp from the K. u. K. Reserve-Spital Pettau Militärpflege on the verso.
ProducerWilhelm Blanke, Ptuj
Datesent not before 1916
Dimensions9x14 cm
Language: TitleGerman
Language: MessageGerman
National ContextNo
Keywords720 War
186 Cultural Identity and Pride > 180 Total Culture
619 Tribe and Nation > 610 Kin Groups
632 Towns > 630 Territorial Organisation
700 Armed Forces
491 Highways and Bridges > 490 Land Transport
Region sent toVienna
LizenzCC-BY-NC 4.0
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