Hearth Tax Digital

beta version

[m. 1]

A true and perfect Account
of the Chimneys hearthes and
Stoves within the Citty of
Yorke retorned to us by James
Colline[?] Gentleman his Ma(jes)ties Collector
for the year One thousand
and allowed and approved
of by us whose names are
hereunder written his Majesties
Justices of peace for the said
Citty and County of the same
Citty at a generall quarter
Sessions of the peace held
for the Citty and Countye
aforesaid the last day of
February One thousand and six
hundred Seaventy two

All Saints Parish in North Streete

Imprimis Mr Harrison Eight

Michaell Aykroyd one

Mr Henry Brearey two

Francis Burton foure

Joseph Harreman two

Robert Foster foure

Thomas Franckland Junior three

Thomas Franckland Senior three

Mr Thomas Cooke foure

Mr William Wilkinson six

Lawrance Williamson two

William Sargisson two

John Hindle three

John Smith five

Jane Smith one

Samuell Coolen[?] five

John Etty foure

Widd Harrison three

William Best three

Mr Richard Smith three

John Marston one

William Jenisson two

Thomas Taylor two

William Erratt three

John Tate two

Abraham Tayler three

Thomas Smith five

William Maxfeild three

Henry Spinke five

Mr Thomas Nesbitt nyne

Thomas Young one

Thomas Taylor two

Robert Simson three

Widdow Geldart five

Henry Maxfeild one

Thomas Taylor one

Thomas Inman three

Thomas Maxfeild two

Francis England two

Leonard Wilberfoss foure

Anne Harrison one

William Hunter two

John Peirson one

Joseph Bell two

Edward Glaues one

Thomas Hardwicke two

George Whittaker one

William Erratt one

Widd: Chapman three

Robert Slalor foure

Thomas Carter one

Thomas Young one

John Williamson two

Mr Sikes or Bell foure

Richard Patrick three

George Malch one

Joseph Whittaker one

in all 158

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty Foure

[m. 2]

All Saints Parrish in Pavement

Charles Harrison three

Mr John Blanshard three

The Lady Scott six

Thomas Blyth two

Robert Pallister one

John Marshall five

Tho: Williamson Lord Mayor ten

William Lumley one

Michaell Fothergill six

Mr John Bothomley twelve

Mr Yorke Horner fifteen

George Lamplough Alder six

Mr Henry Allanson six

Mr Edward Nightingale six

John Beane three

The Lady Horner twelve

Mr John Constable ten

William Ripley foure

Anthony Lister seaven

Mrs Calvert eight

Mr Job Garthwaite & Miles Thistlethwate eleven

Widdow Wilkinson three

Mr John Croft seaven

Roger Shactleton six

Widdow Dickinson six

Mathew Harland foure

Thomas Watson three

Francis Moorewood seaven

Paull Crosby three

William Lucas two

William Reynolds eight

Ralph Lockwood one

Mr Zachary Jepson ten

William Rogers one

Thomas Weelman one

James Jolly & Smithies three

Mr Calvert ten

John Dennis seaven

John Kay three

Joseph Tennant two

William Davie one

James Cowper & his forge seaven

Robert Hickington & Common oven foure

Mathew Foster one

Francis Wilkinson one

William Dineley six

John Roome one

Mrs Wrightson one

Abigale Watson one

Thomas Wale five

Jonas Rigden eight

Mrs Justice eleaven

John Colton three

Thomas Harrison & oven foure

Mr Richard Creyke one

Steven Robinson two

William Dauton one

Ra: Creyke five

Widdow Browne one

John Straker one

John Walker two

Widdow Dixon two

John Milne two

in all 295

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty Nyneteene

[m. 3]

All Saints in Peaseholme

Mr Richard Shaw nyne

Mrs Slinger nyne

Gabriell Coninsby three

John Mattison two

Elizabeth Knaggs one

Anthony Hurland two

Elizabeth Barwick one

Jane Spanton one

William Tompson one

Mr Jepson garden house two

in all 31


Dr Askwith 2

Omitted by reason of poverty seaven

Bishopp Hill Senior

Thomas North two

Mr Breary & Tenants two

Widdow Hewitt five

The Dutches of Buck: twenty nyne

Thomas Fox two

Thomas Battersby one

Peter Peirson two

Edward Balderson one

Widdow Scoley two

Christopher Shaw foure

Peter Butterey two

Mr Henry Pawson three

Mr John Ellerker seaven

Mr Franc Fearnley seaven

Mr John Place five

George Mawman two

Robert Wright two

Mr George Ramsden seaven

Mrs Dorothy Ramsden foure

George Smith two

Mr Morgan two

Roger Tesh two

Mr John Molds eight

John Hunter or Tesh two

George Dent one

in all 106

Empty & noe distresse to be had

The Dutches of Bucks eight

Mr Ramsden three

Discharged by certificattes

Ann Tesh two

Richard Moore two

Richard Wrench one

George Foster one

Richard Patch one

Barthol: Maniman one

Henry Balderson one

John English one

John Oliver one

Widdow Akers one

Alice Richardson one

Mary Mosse one

Widdow Wright one

Christopher Simson one

Margrett Akers one

Demollished six

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty four

Bishophill Junior

Mr Darcy seaven

Christofer Hopwood three

Mrs Darcy four

Francis Wood one

Mr Henry Pinkney four

Mr Edward Wilkinson six

Mrs Gregory two

Nicholas Colson two

John Rasin two

Mr John Palin four

John Etty four

John Burdon two

[m. 4]

Anne Addinall two

Ralph Barker foure

Thomas Ward two

Robert Smith one

Samuell Richardson two

Robert English one

John Bradley one

Mrs Nelson two

Bartho: Massey & forge three

Henry Bland one

Widdow Nelson two

Mr Thomas Herbert one

Joshua Burton one

Jane Weddall two

Margrett Nelson one

Hugh Young one

John Patricke two

Edward Teale two

Edward Spence two

Thomas Marshall one

Ralph Barber two

Michaell Browne one

Edward Kay one

Mr Abram Faber one

in all 80

Discharged by certificates

Ralph Walker one

Richard Hall one

Thomas Patrick two

Robert Daniell one

Phillipp Best one

John Raper one

William Servant one

Richard Hutchinson one

Widdow Weeteman one

John Roswell one

Henry Walker one

Thomas Wildman one

Margrett Marshall one

Christopher Robinson one

Demollished ten

Crux Parish

Mr John Taylor seaven

Israell Day one

Mr Willm Tomlinson six

Thomas Williamson & oven foure

Edward Richardson two

Benja: Hickeringall three

William Inman three

George Cowlin four

Mr William Clark six

Mr Jno Foster & Franc Hall seaven

Mary Deane foure

Mr Samuell Gleanes five

Mrs Eliz: Bray eight

Richard Darcy two

Edward Preston one

Willm Ellis two

Jerom: Welfett three

John Sugden one

Mr George Horner nyne

Mr Richard Blanshard eight

Mrs Chator & Tenents five

Mr Robert Wilson seaven

Mr Christopher Withers seaven

Mr Bradley 5 & Mr Day 5 ten

The Lady Taylor three

Mr Joseph Booth ten

Abram Reed two

Mr Robert Davy two

John Harrison three

George Stockdale four

Mr Henry May six

Willm Garnett two

[m. 5]

William Cordeux three

Mr Henry Panson one

Mr Willm Straker two

Ralph Croft two

Thomas Bedford & Tenent three

James Marshall con[?] Oven three

James Grimes three

Henry Sheildes one

Widdow Greene one

Martin Hotham three

Charles Appleby one

William Mackpeece two

John Fox one

Thomas Waller three

Grace Howgill four

John Fisher four

Bryan Scott two

George Stockdall two

Mr George Keighley seaven

Thomas Makins one

Thomas Harison two

Edward Spence three

Widdow Hurst three

Thomas Lucas foure

Jacob Lund two

Mr Gleadston seaven

William Smith & oven two

William Spence two

John Willaby two

Leonard Procter two

Abraham Joblin two

William Smales one

Thomas Read one

Henry Potter four

Richard Sandeman three

Roger Peacocke one

Micaell Wilson one

James Pickering two

Richard Francke two

Mr George Franck & tenants six

Thomas Walker three

Widdow Vallens three

Mathew Wilks foure

Robert Mathewes one

Mrs Masson two

Roger Wilberfosse five

John Halliwell one

William Freer three

Mr Tho: Tomlinson six

Widdow Robinson & oven three

John Walker two

Mrs Jane Hill ten

Jacob Collinson one

Mr Henry Collinson one

Allexander or Sam: Purnell one

Mr Abram Hutton three

Richard Thomas three

Willsingham Cooke foure

William Todd eleaven

John Lister three

Mr Robert Wright four

Ralph Chater four

John Geldart eight

John Cooper two

George Jackson five

Francis Clarkson one

John Mosey two

William Jackson one

Mr James Collins ten

John Gray one

Thomas Taylor two

John Jackson two

Ralph Hudson three

Thomas Swaine two

Leonard Potter two

Mrs Todd five

George Bushell one

Thomas Wilbore one

Widdow Stainton one

Richard Ward & forge two

in all 377

Empty, no distresse

Willm Wright five

[m. 6]

Omitted by extreame poverty sixteene

Christ Parish

Mr Franck Elcocke five

Mr John Coltas eleaven

John Cooke & his forge four

John Wood & oven three

Mr John Beckitt foure

William Lazenby & oven five

George Hutchinson nyne

Patrick Grave two

Mr John Hardwick seaven

Robert Barker & forge five

John Hart one

Robert Hird two

Anthony Whitehouse two

John Duckett two

Timothy Dossey two

Robert Tireman three

Mrs Rhoades Widd three

Richard Baines seaven

Mrs Myers & Tenants three

John Harbert & forge two

Widdow Flemin two

Mr Willm Bateman foure

James Walker or Overend three

Mr Robert Hunter nyne

Nathaniell Nelson foure

Widdow Wilton two

Mr Henry Tireman nyne

James Day three

Mr Willm Heather foure

Grace Greene foure

Alice Blackburne three

Thomas Samson three

Mr John Harland five

Mrs Squire five

Thomas Cundall foure

Robert Waite foure

Robert Waller three

George Richardson two

John Micklefeild & oven five

William Cobb two

John Colter two

John Stevenson two

Mr Francis Tayler ten

Robert Wasse foure

Mr Thomas Waller foure

Christofer Ripley three

Willm Scott three

George Peckett two

Mr Slerry six

George Hutchinson four

Jasper Woodworth two

Rowl: Richardson two

Richard Cordeux two

Mathew Hotham & Tenant foure

Thomas Battersby two

Chr: Barnitt six

Edward Buckle two

Trinion Myers two

Robert Grainger one

Widdow Redman foure

Widdow Bird two

George Hartford two

Jane Wright two

John Wharton two

John Chaytor two

James Secker one

Mr Allan Penny two

Chr: Bateman foure

Willm Batcheler foure

Richard Bradley three

Mr Penny four

Michaell Vessey three

Symon Parkin one

James Wilberfosse three

[m. 7]

Jerem Wilbert two

Edward Preston foure

John Foss two

Mr Richard Mason four

Edward Colton & Sam: Linton three

James Maning two

Isabell Lucas two

Francis Raper three

Lowther Preston seaven

James Cowlin two

Robert Ward two

Mr Spence two

John Morrett two

Thomas Holdsworth two

Joseph Wainman foure

Mary Freeman three

William Walker two

William Lazenby three

Leonard Smithies one

John Bentham two

Mrs Barbary Squire two

George Lazenby one

Ralph Wood two

James Sowry three

John Inman two

Richard Woodhouse three

Richard Man two

John Baswell one

Elizabeth Yeoman one

Anthony Sadler two

Mrs Garthwate two

Humphrey Peckett two

John Geldart two

Mr James Morley three

in all 346

Empty & noe distresse

Mr Richard Masen two

Willm Greene one

Mr Henry Peirson seaven

John Cowlin one

James Wilberfoss two

Demollished three 3

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty nyne

Minster Yard

Mr Richard Mosley four

The Lady Pilkinton three

Mr Lawrance Teale six

John Dodsworth four

Mr Holburne six

Mrs Man six

Mr Hewitt nyne

Mr Goodwin eleaven

John Cooper three

Mr Lawe three

Capt Jeffreyes nyne

Mrs Procter three

Henry Samson three

Samuell Walker two

Mr Parker six

Mr Haxby five

Mr Squire one

Mathew Beane three

Willm Wright three

Thomas Parker five

John Clarke two

Mr Waine six

John Beeforth one

Willm Beeforth three

John Feild three

Mr Mawburne eight

Mr Lambert four

[m. 8]

James Dewer one

John Bywater two

Doctor Lake nyne

Mr George Aislaby twenty five

Doctor Stones twelve

Doctor Levitt five

The Lady Erwin thirty three

Mr Jenkins thirteen

Doctor Sowerby twelve

Deane of Yorke seaventeen

Widdow Spence one

Willm Loftus two

John Cooke[?] one

Mr Mote three

Edward Dove three

Thomas Swadland four

Mrs Johnson five

Robert Donkin two

Mr Wilkinson eight

Mr Woodyeare six

Richard Jeffers four

Mr Tonge four

Mr Antony Wright seaven

Peter Wright one

Robert Jeffers one

Mr Nicholas Sugar six

Mr Richard Dennis five

Mr Tennant seaven

Mrs Alderson four

Mrs Brigges three

Willm Richmond & Tenant three

Widdow Harper one

Mrs Moseley one

Thomas Procter two

Docter Brown eight

Mr Frewen thirteen

George Winneman two

William Farar two

Robert Jaques one

Michaell Hailston one

John Donkin one

Robert Jackson one

John Barehead one

Peter Pulman one

Ralph Hough one

John Tod for himselfe & Bull three

Mr Squire one

Mr Anthony Elcock four

in all 375

Empty & no distress

Mrs Katherine Stubbs five

John Headlome three

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty seaven

Peter the Little

Richard Man two

Thomas Legg four

Mr William Raper four

Mr Henry Wilkinson seaven

John Devers three

William Ripley three

Henry Wate two

Willm Preist two

Widdow Moseley & Tenant four

Mathew Bueley & Chapman three

[m. 9]

William Best two

Robt Madson & his oven two

Barthol Rymer one

John Rymer one

Thomas Croft one

George Stubley foure

Anthony Whittall two

Widdow Bueley two

Michaell Camill & forge three

Martin Tiffin two

Widdow Freer three

William Wilkinson two

John Hudson two

William Dalton one

Robert Mitchell two

William Browne two

Joan Bainbridge two

Ellinor Hutchinson two

William Greene foure

Mathew Waide one

Martin Heblethate & oven three

Robert Smith foure

John Faucett three

Oliver Aram & Tenents five

Francis Winne two

John Browne one

Steven Skelbeck foure

Mr Francis Penford foure

William Syer two

Francis Colton & two ovens foure

Mathew Bonas two

John Bonas one

Leonard Baines three

Robt Croft three

Henry Walker one

Samuell Booth six

Thomas Gatenby one

Widdow Gardiner one

Widdow Brooke two

Widdow Hother two

John Chapman one

John Sutton three

Richard Hawksworth two

George Jackson one

William Eastburne one

Chr Richardson one

in all 138

Discharged by certificates

Mathew Wilkinson one

Martin Rineley one

Benedick Brockett two

Thomas Pretton[?] one

Henry Sawnders[?] one

Thomas Linton one

John Brownley one

Isaack Harrison one

Sam: Dixons & sone one

John Loft one

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty twelve

St Michaell le Belfray

Francis Cotton six

Mr Christo: Dewtras eight

Andrew Robinson & John Moor six

Phillip Wilberfoss foure

Mr Francis Morland five

Marke Foster nyne

Mr John Gill five

Mr Franc Elwick nyne

James Todd two

Robt Hall three

John Orton three

Mrs Stanford twenty three

Robt Loftus two

Thomas Hurst foure

Robt Peirson foure

Mr William Cobb three

Thomas Bovill three

Robert Tyson five

John Plumer three

[m. 10]

Andrew Slee three

John Morley two

George Saltus foure

Mr Eserick nyne

Thomas Cliff & Smithy three

Widdow Brackin one

Mathew Smith & oven three

Widdow Boswell foure

Widdow Broadhead & Oven two

Richard Robinson three

Henry Newhill two

Widdow Saturthwate six

John Hutton two

Josiah Oxnard five

Mr Hitch one

Mr Thomas Tomlinson six

Henry Stafford two

John Clarkson three

William Gill six

Mr Duckworth seaven

Mr George Pickeringe six

John Harrison two

Arthur Layor one

William Hartley one

Widdow Alderson four

Mr John Hillary ten

Richard Viccars eight

Robert Ashburne two

Ellias Shoreswood foure

Henery Dickinson ten

Samll Daniell two

Jane Wilson nyne

Robt Jubb Tenn

George Haines & forge foure

William Moore two

William Maltas three

Mr Mathew Brigg six

William Graves two

Thomas Fandington one

Mrs Anne Broad foure

Robert Hardy three

John Ketlewell nyne

Martin Croft three

Mr Thomas Richardson foure

Mr Steven Bulkley two

Widdow Stubbs six

Elliz: Casson three

Chr Morley seaven

Mathew Bake ten

Mr Samll Basford nyne

Chr: Parker four

Mr James Blackbeard ten

Thomas Mangy five

George Beeforth three

George Beeforth two

Mr William Bell five

Mr John Todd seaven

Mr Robert Hillary two

Mr John Whittacre two

John Mashburne & oven foure

Widdow Coltman nyne

Henry Wray & oven foure

Widdow Gleadstone six

Edward Taylor one

George Wharton one

Mrs Anne Bowes three

John Bayock six

Mr Thomas Raper ten

Widdow Otley eleaven

Mr George Slinger six

Hugh Brumpton foure

Widdow Preistman foure

John Mawe two

George Hinde one

Thomas Day two

George Langley two

John Hutchinson one

Mr Thomas Stoope five

Mrs Raper Widdow eight

Andrew Nicholson three

Widdow Button one

John Foster two

Marmad Tomson one

Thomas Buckton three

Robert Fowler & two Ovens seaven

Andrew David eight

[m. 11]

John Brown two

James Place two

Widdow Deighton one

Ralph Hillary two

Robert Graves three

Mr John Wright two

Sir Thomas Herbert twelve

Mrs Cartwright five

William Kilvington two

John Elliot foure

Thomas Foster five

Thomas Hayes & Smithy two

Anthony Wrightson three

William Lund & two Ovens seaven

Mrs Leakland eight

Thomas Watson two

William Hollins six

William Hill foure

Dinah Brigham six

Mr Marsden three

Mr Francis Swaine eight

Sir George Marwood eight

Roger Greene three

Robert Burnett one

William Flint two

Mr Lambert ten

Marke Foster one

Widdow Oddy two

William Marshall two

Mrs Parker one

Capt Blackston foure

Mr Robert Cundall ten

Widdow Lund & Oven five

Stafford Freeman three

Widdow Grosse two

Robert Wyley two

Roger Greene Junior foure

Sir Solomon Swale foure

Richard Metcalfe Alderman three

Elyas Sherewood five

in all 644

Empty & noe distresse to be had

Mrs Maskill nyne

Discharged by certificates John Williamson three

Widdow Barehead one

Edward Ledall two

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty six

St Ellens in Stonegate

Dr Lister nyne

Marmad: Askwith six

Robert Askwith three

Peter Morley four

Mr Raynor seaven

Mrs Johnson six

Samll Reynolds two

Mrs Cooper foure

William Wood foure

Mr William Hayes six

Mr Phillip Prince ten

George Berriman foure

Mr John Cowell twelve

Eliz: Weardsell foure

Thomas Wilkinson six

William Reath foure

Widdow Carter eight

John Fawcett three

Roger Housman two

Mr William Brownley three

William Thearsby & Oven seaven

Mr John Chapman nyne

Mr John Hopton nyne

Mr John Smeton foure

Thomas Pockley one

James Champley two

James Empson one

Widdow Yong one

Judith Yeoman ten

Richard Dennis seaven

Thomas Elliott seaven

George Gilman one

John Scotson & forge foure

Richard Emson one

[m. 12]

Richard Twisleton foure

Mr Richard Dossey five

Samll Jones foure

Widdow Hunter two

Samll Jones two

Corporall Crooley one

Mr Conyers eight

Thomas Adcock one

Mathew Hebson one

John Dawson & Jo: Shaw two

Edward Wright & two ovens three

William Carter & ovens five

Francis Moore two

Abell Seamor three

Robert Kay & Smithy five

Mrs Hutton five

Mr James Brearey nyne

Mr Edward Shillitoe five

Mr William Turnbull seaven

William Horsley five

Mr Kitchell foure

Mrs Hodgson six

Richard Rooxby & Oven foure

William Hixon two

John Greene two

Susanna Carter two

Mrs Jane Carter five

Thomas Hickson two

Sucklin Spenlove eleaven

John Browne two

Thomas Rig & forge two

Mr Thomas Hill five

Mr John Tomson three

Mr John Buckle & forge eight

Mr Chr: Beales six

John Spink one

John Goole foure

Thomas Mawberry three

Mr Danll Dabbs one

Mrs Cane two

Willm Wilson foure

Anne Cooke two

Mr John Smith five

Mrs Wharton three

Mr Fairfax eight

Francis Dawson one

William Samson two

Richard Setterington two

Robert Wilkinson two

Ellin Benson & Tenents foure

John Nicholnson one

William Hall one

Sarah Rawson one

Robert Britton two

William Tireman three

in all 366


William Robinson three

Discharged by certificates

Thomas Yats two

Anne Pullen one

Barbara Allat one

Omitted by reason of poverty sixteene

St Wilfreyes

Henery Newton two

Richard Porter foure

Mr Franc Ewbanck thirteene

Mr Mathew Cartwright ten

Mr James Morley seaven

Thomas Hirst five

Mr John Colby seaven

[m. 13]

Docter Williams six

Thomas Robinson two

Mrs Blackbeard eleaven

Thomas Wilson three

Mary Buck two

George Mathewes three

Mrs Wood two

Mr Headlam ten

Mrs Prince three

Mr Chr Beares five

Mr John Dalton eight

Mr Etherington seaven

Mrs Stockham six

Widdow Tuty three

Mr Buckinham thirteene

Dr Askwith seaven

Mr Lewis Etherington ten

William Penrose two

Lady Vaux foure

William Davy two

Mrs Stanford two

Mr Dunton two

Mr Goodrick six

Mr Emsall one

Mr Richard Tichmarth eight

Mr Littleton three

Robert Nevill four

in all 183

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty three

Demollished two

St John Evangelist

Samuell Walker two

Andrew Clarke five

Dorothy Dresser two

Richard Baynton foure

Mrs Brecken & Mrs Procter three

John Roome one

Richard Betson foure

Mr George Mathewes two

Richard Tirrinton two

Thomas Granger two

Cressey Burnitt Alderman eleaven

Richard Kay one

William Hudson five

Thomas Inman three

William Barron five

Mr Charles Hall ten

Mr Henry Brearey eight

John Umpleby three

Mr Phillip Herbert thirteen

Mr Gawen Hodgson seaven

Mr Hugh Welburn seaven

Mr Franc Duckworth seaven

John Aire two

Rebecca Man & two ovens five

Richard Owreman & oven three

Cuthbert Procter two

Samll Wright two

Chr Wright two

Martha Hewitt one

Mr Thomas Bew five

Mrs Ann Day twelve

Mr Bew two

George Middleton three

Peter Sheilds three

George Wheateley one

Widdow Bawtry five

Richard Hill foure

Mrs Craven foure

Ric Pickard two

Robert Taylor one

Thomas Dowglas one

Robert Deighton three

Mathew Dalton one

Mrs Barcroft eight

Mrs Acroyd two

Thomas Marshall two

Mr Faber six

[m. 14]

Widdow Hill five

Trinian Myers two

Mrs Ronetree three

John Lady two

Richard Page five

Tho: Creswick one

Chr: Freer one

Thomas Tomson three

John Hoopes three

Alice Bolton two

Leonard Biggin one

Widdow Chappello two

John Baxter two

Robert Robinson one

Richard Watson one

George Masson one

Willm Plewman & oven two

William Hart two

John Harrison two

Thomas Myers two

Mr Steven Tomson six

Mr Edward Tomson ten

Mr Leonard Tomson nyne

John Carlile two

Thomas Shillitoe one

Thomas Hamonde nyne

Thomas Turnball two

Robert Marshall two

William Hesletine two

Richard Rasin two

George Masson two

in all 279


Chr: Brearey Alderman ten

The Citty Councell two 2

Discharged by Certificates

William Pockley one

Franc: Musgrave one

Rebecca Dawson one

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty twelve

St Martins and Gregoryes

Mr John Palin seaven

Mr Mathewes & Bell ten

Mr Andrew Perrott six

Mr Samll Dawson eight

Mr Thomas Farrand nyne

Mr Nesbitt seaven

Mr Metcalfe eight

Mr Andrew Taylor seaven

Mr Samll Sayer five

Mr Francis Bulmer nyne

Mr William Hey six

Mr William Ramsden eight

Mr George Durham two

Mr Robert Hillary seaven

Thomas Lee two

Mr Ledgart eight

Mr Mathew Lee two

Thomas Squire two

Richard Flemin two

Willm Weddill two

Robert Myers & oven two

William Bolton two

Mr Edmond Gyles foure

Mrs Bawtry Widdow foure

Mr Christopher Cooke five

Mr John Peckett eight

Mathew Rasin two

John Terry & his oven six

Sir Walter Vavasour ten

John Hurst eight

Mrs Driffeild twelve

[m. 15]

Thomas Bautry Alderman nyne

Thomas Cornewell three

Thomas Hodgson two

William Spence one

Richard Richardson one

Elliz: Sanderson one

Lawrance Franckland one

Mathew Stead one

William Barrick two

Robert Simpson two

John Bovell two

Michaell Hall three

William Watson one

John Humphrey & oven three

Silvester Dove foure

John Williamson & Bolton two

Mr Peckett five

George Lamplough Alderman seaven

in all 231


Thomas Bawtry Alderman eight

Discharged by certificates

Eliz: Ward two

Samll Heelas two

St Michaells

Thomas Smith two

Martin Croft five

Robert Mitchell foure

Mr Thomas Browne five

Thomas Wilson two

Richard Crosthwate two

Thomas Smith one

William Stevenson one

Mr Bryan Dawson seaven

Chr Topham five

Mr Benj: Masterman five

Richard Best foure

William Kidd foure

Mr Fittwell Fish three

Widdow Marriott three

Mr Michaell Barstowe five

John Smith two

Thomas Smith two

John Bridall one

William Sisson one

John Stamper three

Thomas Slack two

John Williamson five

Thomas Sprowston seaven

Thomas Slack six

William Thorpe two

Thomas Denkin foure

Mrs Pannett eight

Thomas Wheateley two

Marke Bullard foure

Ellen Drew & oven foure

John Moore foure

Mr John Langley foure

John Harrison one

James Tayler three

John Colton three

John or Willm Moore foure

George Slegg three

Gabriell Ronetree one

Thomas Mann two

George Watson one

William Turner foure

John Fisher eight

Robert Radley five

John Taylor one

Mathew White three

Mrs Peighen three

John Thorpe two

Marmad: Best three

Mr Chr Lund six

Mr Joseph Scott seaven

George Clark three

Mrs Lofthouse nyne

Mrs Margrett Beane six

Mr Thistlethwate five

John Ayre five

Mr Thomas Nayler foure

John Shillitoe two

William Watson three

Widdow Cowpland one

John Todd & forge foure

Barnard Watson two

John Cape one

Richard Harrison one

Henry Day two

[m. 16]

Robert Jackson foure

Thomas Woodburne & Smithy three

Mary Gill & oven two

Richard Chew one

Thomas Dennyson foure

Ralph Manlam & Smithy three

Phillip Ward foure

Thomas Dawson one

Robert Halley two

Anne Dunwell two

George Mancklin Alderman eight

John Leng & oven foure

Mrs Marsh three

Roger Spacy foure

Henery Hunter one

Peter Richardson three

Dennis Watterhouse two

Mr Hawley six

Thomas Slorme three

Widdow Kidd three

William Mancklin six

Mich: Gilburne eight

Marmad: Cock three

Mr Thomas Raine eleaven

Mr Francis Colton three

Robert Jubb & Oven five

Widdow Hodgson two

Isabell Hoisley one

Widdow Buttrey one

Wm Skaife one

George Prickett Esquire eight

Thomas Bullocke one

Jerom Ellis two

John Fairburne two

in all 344

Discharged by certificates

Barnard Hutchinson two

John Briggs two

Anne Smith one

Widdow Hall one

William Smith one

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty ten

St Maryes in Castlegate

Mr Thomas Fearne five

John Waller three

Mr William Archbird six

James Fearne foure

Mr Bradley foure

Mr Rowland Watson five

Isabell Mitchell & oven three

John Watson two

Anne Foster & oven two

Joseph Ramsden five

Daniell West three

Mr John Langley two

Phillip Smith two

Thomas Mathewes eight

Richard Newby two

Mary Cunninsby foure

John Swan two

Thomas Chapman foure

Rebecca Greggs & John Scholefeild three

Mr Richard Banckes eight

Francis Browne foure

Mr John Nunns fiveteene

[m. 17]

John Wilkinson three

William Laverack two

Peter Bueley two

Thomas Favor seaven

Richard Amery six

Sarah Wheateley two

Widdow Smith three

Thomas Tennant three

John Smeaton & his oven three

Peter Hall & Smithy three

Edward Coulton three

John Wilson two

George Levitt three

Widdow Bee foure

George Behoe seaven

Richard Browne six

Sir Henry Tomson thirteene

Mr Richard Sowrey ten

Thomas Clay five

John Barnard three

Mr Straingwayes three

James Jolly five

Christopher Maud seaven

John Wilson five

Mr Edward Thuing foure

John Butterey one

Thomas Booth three

Jane Robinson foure

William Johnson one

Robert Dunte one

Edward Rhoades one

Tristram Catton seaven

Abell Grant three

Abraham Tayler two

Thomas Hardisty five

John Pennington two

Lyonell Reane two

George Marsfeild one

John Schoafeild or Castell one

Ralph Chesse one

Abraham Dixon one

Thomas Hodgson two

Mrs Askwith & Tenents two

Henry Mangye one

Mr Scott or Tenant two

Castle Milne one 1

Mr Thistlethate one

Mr Wood one

Francis Exley two

Widdow Tindall one

Thomas Robinson one

Thomas Slack one

John Britton two

Mrs Owram one

in all 264

Empty & noe distresse

Layton Firbanck two

Anne Lazenby one 2

Robert Hardy Junior one

John Fisher one

Discharged by certificates

Widdow Otter two

Abraham Spence one

William Roome one

Richard Bawmford one

Charity Parseley two

Widdow Rosendall two

Lewis Williams one

Parcevell Best two

William Smith one

Michaell Seaton two

George Clark one

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty thirty six

St Dinnis

Mr George Tiplin three

Thomas Wilberfosse six

Chr Holder foure

William Yeaman two

Thomas Watson five

Francis Jackson six

Mr James Slinger six

Mrs Gale three

John Ryley three

Robert Hutchinson five

Thomas Garforth five

Leonard Robinson two

Mr Mathew Coates three

John Cooke & Thomas Stead three

Robert Hardy five

Richard Bentham foure

John Yeoman foure

Richard Cundall six

[m. 18]

Godfrey Drinkraw six

Widdow Wilson foure

John Hunter three

Thomas Jackson six

William Horner two

Widdow Wilson or Taylor two

Robert Clarke foure

John Beverley five

Mr Mathew Coates two

Mr Fothergill five

Edward Hall six

William Flawith one

Edward Hutchinson ten

Richard Bayley three

John Blanshard two

Mrs Jane Day one

Robert Marshall one

Martin Cooke three

Steven Gill one

John Lawly one

Edward Hall foure

John Marshall one

Thomas Branston one

William Gell three

Thomas Armstrong & forge three

Robert Viincent two

Susanna Weeteman one

Edward Dawson two

Thomas Steed two

Henery Dutton one

Richard Swift one

James Lucy & his forge three

William Halliday two

Mr Robert Wilson two

Thomas Brathwate one

William Dodgson two

Mr Richard Blanshard one

in all 175

Discharged by certificates

John Bradley one

William Wilson two

Omitted by reason of extreame povertye sixteene

St Margretts

Mr John Blacburne & Oven six

Mr Henery Agar foure

Widdow Walker two

Parcivall Winteskill foure

Steven Beverley two

Robert Squire three

Mr Hindsley three

John Brignall two

William Bolton three

Thomas Towers five

Anthony Blackburne one

Thomas Cartwright two

Widdow Lund foure

Robert Watson foure

Robert Gibson two

Anne Hardcastle foure

William Shaw three

Mr Henry Belton three

William Scott three

Marmaduke Colton & oven three

Charles Shepherd two

Robert Stafford three

John Pullen two

Mr Wilkinson two

James Coates & oven five

James Lawrance two

Robert Hotham foure

Margt Hotham one

Henery Wray three

Richard Wray three

James Straker foure

Edward Carter & Smithy two

Widdow Day foure

John Day one

Thomas Morton two

Francis Colton three

in all 107

Empty houses

Lawrance Williamson three

Discharged by certificates

Robert Strafford one

Anne Wilson one

William Hewitson one

[m. 19]

George Seller one

William Gill one

Mary Gamble one

Ann Whitlin one

Chr Hunter one

Omitted by reason of extreame Povertye twelve

St Lawrance

Mr Ranold Hoxon seaven

Richard Hatton three

Widdow Nightingale ten

Ann Hodgson one

William Blanshard one

Mr Keigley one

Mrs Ann Todd foure

Steven Smith three

Mr Wivill or Bolton five

Thomas Ostaby two

William Hudson six

Richard Sandeman foure

Thomas Horner one

Philliip Mouncton two

Peter De Willows

Mr Henry Bolton three

Allexander Heiwood one

Richard Dobinson two

William Dobinson three

Chr Dennis three

Mr Hoxon two

Robert Allan two

Thomas Mellowes two

Mr Charles Blanshard two

John Britton two

Mr Keighley foure

William Mounton one

Margret Robinson one


Empty & noe distresse

John Straingewayes two

Mr Danll Malum two

Mr Steven Tomson one

Mr Richard Blanshard one

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty eight

St Samsons parish

Mrs Darcy six

Widdow Benson five

Mr Mathew Simson six

Mrs Darcy nyne

Mrs Styles seaven

Mr William Kitchingman eight

Abr Thewlas foure

Mrs Turner five

Richard Smith two

Chr Mitchell five

Robert Kendall two

Mr Hart or Storme two

Leonard Adamson three

Thomas Johnson six

Mr Chamley six

Robert Colson three

John Walker seaven

Thomas Harrison & tenants ten

Thomas Walkington two

Phillip Esh foure

Marmaduke Lancaster three

Thomas Hamonde two

Phillip Wright one

Mathew Walls two

Widdow Hamond one

Widdow Pagett five

Francis Scholey five

James Leech two

Mrs Sotheby two

Mr Drewry two

Edward Healas & Theakston two

John Cock five

Mathew Preston three

Richard Allanson two

John Davy three

John Barehead three

[m. 20]

William Askam three

Henry Rodwell two

John Beetham two

James Williamson foure

Richard Goodall foure

Willm Wainby one

Widdow Baines three

Thomas Hillary & oven foure

Valentine Foster one

Mathew Jobson three

John Bogg or Barit three

Mr Rayner two

James Tiplin one

Henry Foster foure

Widdow Wind two

William Loxley one

Nicholas Braviner two

Richard Knapton & forge foure

Chr Walker three

Willm Morland two

Mrs Styles three

William Donckin two

John Foare two

Richard Cowper foure

John Wilkinson three

Richard Peckett one

John Partridge three

George Tenny two

John Dry seaven

Widdow Tirry two

Widdow Whaley two

Willm Cuthbert foure

Willm Hardy three

Clemt. Reed foure

Thomas Weeteman two

William Richardson two

George Brownley foure

John Chesse two

James Kiplin three

Thomas Maungnam one

Richard Wreghan foure

John Whitehall one

Thomas Smith two

Willm Dodgson & Tenants thirteene

James Willowby one

John Camill & forge two

Widdow Buck foure

Thomas Hart one

Chr Whitehall three

Symon Tiplin one

Thomas Blackburne & oven foure

Averiah Hillary one

Jerom Waudley two

John Wright two

Widdow Busfeild two

Anne Topcliffe one

Eliz: Elwicke one

Mrs Smith one

Renold Walbanck two

Antho: Place two

Mathew Rineley two

Mary Seamor two

Michaell Camill one

in all 307

Empty & noe distresse

Mr Richard Kilvinton one

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty ten

St John Delpike

Mr George Gleadstone seaven

James Scraton two

Richard Scraton two

Mrs Turner seaven

Mrs Turner foure

Chr Truman two

James Bolton three

William Briggs one

Widdow Ward one

Mary Pullen & oven three

Robert Ward & a forge two

Francis Moore one

[m. 21]

Widdow Bolton one

Widdow Beeforth three

Richard Relph & forge foure

Thomas Johnson & oven three

Mr Taylor five

Mr Henry Raper foure

Mathew Heldridge two

Dr Taylor eleaven

Dr Witty seaven

Mr Stanford five

John Wade one

Mr Raper two

Richard Austin three

Mary Castle & Oven two

Mary Rimer one

William Heathwate one

George Dodsworth foure

William Errinton one

Thomas Johnson one

Mr Roger Caley three

in all 99

Empty & noe distresse to be had

John Colton two

Mr Richard Kilvinton seaven

Discharged by certificates

Richard Bowles one

Edward Dickinson one

Margt Moore one

Ralph Gregge one

Mary Thorne one

Laurance Lund one

Elliz: Spencer one

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty nyne

St Maurice

Mr Leonard Wilberfosse five

Docter Consett eight

Mrs Wilberfosse three

Mr Yeoman six

Mr Simpson six

Mr Crowther six

Mr Calvert foure

John Hudson foure

Chr Fisher two

Henry Fewler one

Thomas Richardson foure

Mr Henry Peirson seaven

Richard Proud two

Richard Foster two

Symond Lownsdell one

Mr Phillip Wilberfoss two

John Bowling two

Nahum Cash foure

Thomas Shafton two

Peter Wright one

Henry Cowplands two

Thomas Webster & Jo: Millinton foure

Robert Deighton one

Mrs Waite foure

Mr Franc Feild three

Mr Cobb one

Mrs Simson two

in all 89

Discharged by Certificats

Henry Richardson two

John Yates one

Willm Greene two

Omitted by reason of Poverty seaven

St Ellens & Cuthberts

Leiutennant Daniell ten

Docter Watkinson eleaven

Mr Charles Saltmarsh five

Mr Henry May six

Jane Smeton five

Francis Ketlin three

Robert Watson & oven two

Charles Holmes two

Willm Cooke two

Willm Smith one

Chr Smales one

George Blenkshopp one

[m. 22]

John Turnball five

Widdow Whitfeild three

Thomas Ripley six

Robert Tomson one

John Dawson two

John Lockwood two

Richard Mawlam foure

John Hemingway one

Mr Askwith five

James Webster one

William Cade one

Mr Askwith one

William Blenkhorne one

Marchant Taylors Hall five


Discharged by Certificats

Emmett Dry one

Edward Harwood one

Alross Tomson two

Willm Markindale two

Omitted by reason of Poverty fifeteene

St Andrewes

Mr Williams five

Mr Langley eight

Mr Meane six

Mr Moor foure

John Bland two

William Beckwith two

Widdow Howden foure

Thomas Bolton two

Chr Ripley two

Willm Slater two

John Hayworth two

Thomas Scott two

George Moyser one

Eliz: Fryer one

Mathew Fairbrick one

Mr Feild foure

Grace Greene two

in all 50

Omitted by reason of Poverty twenty five

St Saviours

William Harrison foure

Thomas Heward & Ovens three

John Pecke foure

Mrs Dawson three

Thomas Gore one

Thomas Allen one

Mr Antho: Wright two

Mrs Moore two

Mrs Masterman foure

Edward Newby three

John Rawden two

Henry Hunter two

Wilfrey Lazenby & Ovens five

Major Cowper twelve

Joseph Chester three

Jasper Leech seaven

Marmaduke Kinge three

Robert Baines two

Lady Watson six

Mr Ward & tenants three

John Gamble three

Mr Charles Allenson seaven

Mrs Naylor five

Gabr Cunisby two

Shoemakers Hall foure 4

Mrs Taylor foure

Mr Thomas Jackson five

Mr Atkinson two

Mr Jackson one

William Gate two

Sir John Hewley sixteene

Mr Franc Taylor fourteene

John Lucas three

John Rhoades two

John Truitt two

John Nicholnson one

Dorothy Gale one

Richard Brand one

Roger Frear two

Robert Dodsworth two

Robert Hardy two

in all 153

Empty houses & noe distresse

Mr Thomas Naylor two

Mr Richard Kilvinton three

Thomas Williamson Lord Mayor three

Mr John Beckitt one

Chr Whitall two

Mr John Foster one

Discharged by Certificats

Mary Chamley one

Thomas Dobson one

Susan Longbotham one

John Smith one

Willm Newhouse one

John Poston one

Vallentine Harrison one

Isaack Blathorne one

Samuell Sowden one

Christo: Wood one

Willm Owreman one

John Anderton one

Thomas Wells one

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty twenty one

[m. 23]

St Olaves

Widdow Hardisty one

Mr Blake two

Allen Lambert two

Thomas Wilson one

William Wilkinson two

Edith Moore nyne

Nicholas Battersby five

Mrs Marshall two

James Tuton two

George Wainewright two

John Spink one

Willm Stockdale two

John Abbott & Tenants three

Mr Thomas Breckon six

Mr Willm Cooke two

Mr Willm Grimston eight

Mrs Wasse two

John Marshall three

John Slator three

John Sharpe seaven

Marke Acklam two

Mr Athelton two

Mr Gyles two

John Williamson two

Mr Robert Browne one

Ralph Cooke two

Mrs Turner two

in all 78


Mrs Anne Middleton six

Mr Nicholl[a]s Battersby foure

Omitted by reason of extreame poverty seaven

St Martins in Cony Streete

Mr Robert Waller sixteene

John Murton six

Anne Harrison five

Ralph Taylor three

John Leppinton two

Edward Crosby two

John Sowry foure

William Maskall five

Widdow Brice three

Chr Conyers ten

Willm Belwood foure

Mr Holden seaven

Mrs Chapman two

Willm Weare foure

Mr John Tomson two

Sir John Reaseby foure

Mr Rooksby fourteene

Mrs Weddall seaven

Thomas Dawkin three

Mr Ambross Girdler foure

Mr Bulmer foure

Jonas Maskall nyne

Mr John Tomson two

Mr Willm Woombell eleaven

John Rookesby Esquire nyneteene

Mr Joseph Stopherd nyne

Ralph Wood six

Mr Robert Williamson foure

Cornelius Horsley four

Mr Watson two

Willm Goodrick six

Willm Dixon five

Mr Chr Yeates two

Mr John Yeates one

Mrs Hodgson five

Peter Browne & oven foure

George Raynard two

Robert Renies two

Mr Robert Horsfeild five

Widdow Wennington five

Mr Thomas Tomson & Tenants thirty

John Lightfoote two

Willm Maskall three

Mrs Rigden seaven

Mr Hesletine thirteene

Mr Simond Scott ten

Willm Terry one

Mr Robert Etherington ten

John Copley two

Mr Fox thirteene

Dr Vavasour eight

Anne Morley foure

Thomas Harrison six

Samll Dobson three

Mr Robt Gardiner thirteene

John Coale three

Mathew Batchler five

Marke Pallister & forge three

Samll Walker six

Willm Walker foure

George Mathrude & forge seaven

Samll Booth three

George Masson four

Thomas Spetch five

Abraham Boyes six

Lancelott Udall one

Thomas Mathewes three

Thomas Power five

Mr Antho: Walker eleaven

Edward Storry eight

Mr George Rigden thirty five

Mr John Billingham five

Willm Lupton one

Mr Richard Coltman seaven

Mr Jonathan Hobson eleaven

in all 472

Omitted by reason of Poverty eight

Trenityes in Micklegate

James Barehead two

Mr Nathan Topham nyne

Mr Willm Barwick six

Margt Nelson foure

Grace Hebden three

George Lee three

Widdow Fenton six

Mr Francis Colton seaven

George Gowland two

Willm Pickard foure

[m. 24]

Chr Wade six

Robt Rawden three

Henry Lee seaven

Willm Lee two

John Marshall foure

Eliz: Akers three

Mathew Spawton one

Miles Rooksby three

Mr Penroff five

Robt Masson three

James Smith five

Samll Smith foure

John Hogg one

Henry Lee Junior three

Chr Horland & forge three

James Hood six

Richard Maugham foure

James Tessimond one

George Pick & Smithy three

George Chapman two

Abraham Mountaine three

Richard Bell one

Robert Richardson one

The Lady Fairfax five

Alderman Mancklin six

Michaell Smith six

John Law three

Ralph Holgrave two

Mrs Emson two

Thomas Shutt one

Robert Richardson one

John Austin & Oven two

Thomas Taylor one

Willm Patrick six

Roger Garbutt & forge three

Mathew Warden two

John Dove three

Willm Addeson two

Joseph Topham three

Mr Stillington ten

Richard Gilburne one

Mathew Lee five

Henry Bland two

Cuthbert Harrison six

Alderman Mancklin foure

Mr Richard Ingle one

Mr Cuthbert Harrison two

Robert Raynard two

Ellin Horner one

John Greenupp three

John Hewson one

in all 206


Mr Blanshard two

The Micklegate Barr five

Discharged by Certificats

Henry Heald one

Joseph Williamson one

Omitted by reason of Poverty ten

Trentyes in Gotheramgate

Willm Richardson Alderman eleaven

Robert Rhoades foure

Robert Sudbutt & Samll Smith foure

Andrew Haley three

John Beeforth & forge three

Chr Foster foure

Marmaduke Hebden two

Widdow Gale three

George Waddington foure

Mrs Geldart nyne

Thomas Kirke three

Robert Addinell six

Thomas Hardwick one

Ann Wilkinson one

John Richardson foure

Jane Tomlinson two

Robert Drake three

Thomas Fawcett two

Willm Briggs five

Widdow Mattison three

Mr Richardson two

John Browne nyne

Willm Johnson one

Mr Richardson two

Willm Williamson foure

Mary Wade seaven

Peter Raby one

Mr Robert Bowes eight

Robert Slator foure

Marmaduke Buckle two

John Tyreman two

Willm Kelley two

George Crowther foure

James Tennant three

Willm Tyreman three

Thomas Foster one

Alderman Richardson one

Edward Garforth foure

Eliz: Prinley three

Henry Slepherd two

Mr John Hardwick foure

John Richardson one

Robert Dark one

Edward Garforth one

Thomas West & oven foure

John Dodsworth two

Mr Herbert three

George Burton two

Peter Raby two

in all 162


Mr John Tyreman two

Discharged by Certificats

Timothy Tiplin two

Omitted by reason of extreame Poverty twelve

Tho: Williamson Mayor
Geo: Lamplugh
Examinatum per Willelmum Kitchingman Clericum
pacis Civitatis et Comitatus eiusdem Civitatis