John Henry Eaton

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Die Korrespondenz zwischen John Eaton und Hugo Schuchardt wurde von Shihan DE SILVA JAYASURIYA bearbeitet, kommentiert und eingeleitet.



John Henry Eaton (born in Sri Lanka, on 18th September 1829 and died on 26th April 1906) was an Advocate and Police Magistrate in Matale (Altendorff 1945: 52). His grandfather was Ebenezer Eaton, Quarter-Master of the 19th Foot Regiment before he was gazetted 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st Ceylon Regiment of which he became an Adjutant (Altendorff 1945:50). His father, John Ebenezer Eaton, a Medical Practitioner, was the elder son of Ebenezer Eaton and Patronella Getruida Ferdinand. Wilhelmina Margarita Hicken (née Nieuwenhoven) married John Ebenezer Eaton on 11th May 1825; their elder son was John Henry Eaton. John H Eaton married Annie Charlotte Vander Straaten on 27th July 1859 and they had a son and two daughters – John Ebenezer Gerald, Evangeline Marion and Lizzie. Eaton’s letters to Schuchardt indicate that he was based in Kandy and a memorial plaque in the Kandy Methodist Church reflects his standing in the local community.


Letters from Schuchardt to Eaton have not been located yet.

Briefedition und Kommentare

The letters from John Eaton to Schuchardt (Library number 02653 and 02655) date from 1884 and 1899. Additionally, Schuchardt received a letter sent from Eaton to Donald Ferguson (Correspondent number 466).

The initiative of the correspondence was apparently taken by Schuchardt. The letters from Eaton to Schuchardt are written in English.


Altendorff, D. V. 1945. 'Genealogy of the Family of Eaton of Ceylon'. In Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union 35 (2): 50-54.

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