Robert Needham Cust an Hugo Schuchardt (07-02198)

von Robert Needham Cust

an Hugo Schuchardt


29. 05. 1883

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: Baseler Missionsgesellschaft Christaller, Johann Gottlieb Cust, Robert Needham (1878) Marre, Aristide (1881)

Zitiervorschlag: Robert Needham Cust an Hugo Schuchardt (07-02198). London, 29. 05. 1883. Hrsg. von Frank-Rutger Hausmann (2021). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter, abgerufen am 09. 12. 2023. Handle:


64, St. George’s Square,
29/5/83 S. W

My dear Sir,

Thanks for your letter of the 22nd May, and the several Pamphlets on Creole Languages: As soon as you are able to prepare a paper for the pages of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society I will publish it.

My Book on the Languages of Africa1 is now in the Press – I draw attention to the subject of your inquiries – I will always let you know if I hear of anything –


Aristide Marre published „Notice sur la Langue Portugaise dans l’Inde française, et en Malaisie“.2

In the Annales de l’Extême Orient – Paris I have a copy of it; perhaps you have seen it –

Mr Christaller3 has paid me a visit, and gone back to Schorndorf – The Bishops in India and the East are

The Right Revd

The Bishop of Rangoon



The Right Revd

The Bishop of Madras


The Right Revd

The Bishop of Columbo

Columbo, Ceylon

The Right Revd

The Bishop of Victoria


The Right Revd

The Bishop of Labuan


Yours truly
Robert Cust

1 Cust, A sketch of the modern languages of Africa, London: Trübner, 1883 (Trübner’s Oriental Series).

2 Aristide Marre, „La Langue portugaise dans l'Inde française et en Malaisie“, BSAIC 2-1, 1881, 45-50.

3 Johann Gottlieb Christaller (1827-1895), deutscher evangel. Missionar der Basler Mission, meist an der Goldküste tätig, Begründer der wissenschaftlichen Sprachforschung in Westafrika; vgl. HSA 01617-01621.

Faksimiles: Universitätsbibliothek Graz Abteilung für Sondersammlungen, Creative commons CC BY-NC (Sig. 02198)