Robert Needham Cust an Hugo Schuchardt (02-02193)

von Robert Needham Cust

an Hugo Schuchardt


17. 05. 1882

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: Athenaeum Trübner’s American and Oriental Literary Recordlanguage Yoruba (Sprache)language Sanskrit Mann, Adolph Christian Warry, H. M. Trübner, Nikolaus Krause, Gottlob Adolf Burnell, Arthur Tripolis [o. A.] (1882) Friederici, Karl (1876–1883) Lepsius, Richard (1880) Whitney, William Dwight (1860) Bleek, Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel (1858–1862) Cust, Robert Needham (1878) Maffei, Angelus Franciscus Xavier (1882)

Zitiervorschlag: Robert Needham Cust an Hugo Schuchardt (02-02193). London, 17. 05. 1882. Hrsg. von Frank-Rutger Hausmann (2021). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter, abgerufen am 01. 10. 2023. Handle:


London. 64 St. George Square SW

Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of your letter of april 20, card of 21, and letter of april 27 -

1 As regards Lagos, Wafrica, you may write to Revd Adolphus Mann1 Church Missionary Society

2 As regards Seychelles you may write to Mr Henry Warry2 Church Missionary Society’s Industrial Home Seychelles via Mauritius

Write in French or English, as no German will be understood.

3. The Editors of the Mission’s Bericht, published at Guterloh3|2| appear to have information in every part of the world – His Monthly Bericht is full of information. –

4. I have seen a notice of your book in the Athenaeum of last week.4 I have written a notice fort he next number of Trubner’s Record.5 M Trubner6 tells me that he has heard from you, and that you know all the books of his valuable catalogue & grammars.

5. You of cause know Frederici’s |3| Bibliotheka orientalis:7 and Lepsius‘ Einleitung to his Nubische Grammatik,8 and Whitney’s (of New Haven, United States,) remarks upon that in the American Oriental Society’s Report – You should write to Whitney,9 and Professor Lan[d]man10 Yale College, Newhaven, US.

5. You will greatly oblige me if you would throw together in a short paper in German all that you know of the African Patois. |4| I would translate it, and incorporate it with your name in my Book on the Languages of Africa, which will be published this year –

6. Herr Adolph Krause11 (care of the German Consulate Malta) is a learned man, and may be able to help you: he is now at Tripoli

7. In the Catalogue to Sir George Grey’s Library Cape Town,12 I think that I saw a Grammar of the debased Dutch made by the Hottentot-Bastards: I know that one exists13


8 With regard to Liberia, WAfrika I have nothing, but if you write to

The Revd. Dr J. O Means

American Board of Missions14

No 1 Somerset Place

Boston US

He will help you, if you mention my name

9, With regard to South India write to Dr A. C. Burnell,15 the great Sanskrit Scholar: he is now at St Remo – but write to the care of Mss Trubner London to be forwarded

10. The language of the Konkani – (one oft he Dialects – ) is said to be composed of Arian and Dravidian mixtures. See page 60 of my |6| Modern Language of the East Indies:16 Since then Maffei a Jesuit has published a Grammar at the Basle Mission Press Mangalore. W Coast of India17

11. Do not be deceived about Baby English, as described in the Times: This is not a new language but a peculiar way of using English words in a ridiculous way.

12. If you like to send a short paper describing your plan, and naming the books, which you have already heard of, I will try and publish it in the Journal of the RAS.18


13.You may write to

Revd Archdeacon Crowther19

Church Missionary Society

Bonny River Niger W africa.

Mentioning my name: he is a Negro, but an accomplished English, Christian, gentleman. Son of Bishop Samuel Crowther.20 You must write to him in English.

14. I have made a Note oft he three Magazines to which you allude; it will be very difficult to get them: I will try -


Yours truly
Robert Cust

1 Adolph Christian Mann (1820-?), Mitglied der Yoruba-Mission der Church Missionary Society; HSA 06839.

2 Vgl. HSA 12614-12623; Henry Morris Warry war von 1880-1885 Superintendent in Venn’s Town auf Mahé Island.

3 Nicht ganz klar, welche Zeitschrift gemeint ist; vermutlich Allgemeine Missionszeitschrift. Monatshefte für geschichtliche und theoretische Missionskunde , seit 1874 in Gütersloh, seit 1896 in Berlin hrsg von G. Warneck

4 Vgl. dazu The Athenaeum N° 2846, May 13, ’82, p. 604: „PROF. SCHUCHARDT writes to us, regarding a paragraph about his literary labours which appeared in the Athenaeum:- “What I have in preparation is not so much a bibliography of the so-called Creole languages as a minute investigation of them, and I have not applied hitherto to the Imperial Academy of Vienna for assistance in this publication. Your notice, however, anticipates a request that I was about do address to your readers, viz., to assist me in my undertaking by hints and references to such of these dialects and such publications written in or about them as might easily escape my notice. Allow me to add that by Creole dialects I mean all such modification of European languages as have been developed in Extra-European countries by the influence of indigenous languages ; accordingly not only to the American and African negro-patois, but also Indo-Portuguese, Pidgin English, Pidgin French &c. Help of this kind may be found most easily in Great Britain, whose inhabitants are more familiar with the remotest quarters of the globe than those of any other country ; and I should feel very thankful for any suggestions“.

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10 Charles Rockwell Landman (1880-1926), US-amerikanischer Sprachwissenschaftler und Indogermanist, der von 1880 bis 1926 als Professor für Sanskrit an der Harvard University wirkte.

11 Gottlob Adolf Krause (1856-1929), deutscher Afrikanist; vgl. HSA 05775-05776.

12 Sir George Grey (1812-1898), britischer Militär und Politiker, von 1877-79 Premierminister Neuseelands. Hier ist gemeint: Wm. H. I. Bleek, The library of His Excellency Sir George Grey, London 1858-62 (mehrere Bände).

13 Nicht identifiziert.

14 Meist: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission.

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18 Royal Asiatic Society.

19 Dandeson Crowther (1844-1938), Archdeacon of the The Niger from 1876-1926; Sohn von Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

20 Samuel Ajayi Crowther (1809-1891), yorubastämmiger Missionar, Bischof und Linguist während der britischen Kolonialzeit in Nigeria. Crowther war der erste afrikastämmige Bischof der Anglikanischen Kirche; vgl. HSA 02036 (dieser Brief stammt jedoch wohl aus der Feder von Dandeson Crowther).

Faksimiles: Universitätsbibliothek Graz Abteilung für Sondersammlungen, Creative commons CC BY-NC (Sig. 02193)