Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (254-02601)

von Edward Spencer Dodgson

an Hugo Schuchardt


27. 12. 1901

language Englisch

Zitiervorschlag: Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (254-02601). Biarritz, 27. 12. 1901. Hrsg. von Bernhard Hurch (2015). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:hsa.letter.3782, abgerufen am 30. 01. 2023. Handle: hdl.handle.net/ 11471/518.10.1.3782.


23 Hostel Central, Biarritz, B. P. Frankreich. 27 December, 1901.

Dear Dr H. Schuchardt,

I have already sent you a postcard today touching my definition of cituán in Leiçarragas version of the Gospels of St Mark and St. Luke. I send also the number of Notes and Queries for the 14th of this month, because it contains the list of my works on Baskish hitherto published. You must remember that my synopsis of the Leiçarragan Verb, if it were published as a whole, would supply a need felt by all who study that language. It is easier to criticize it than to make it. It consumes an immense amount of time; it costs much to print it; & few persons buy it when it is published. My reprint of Leiçarragas New Testament will, I hope, be free from the defects which are to be found in yours. It will, probably, be finished in 1903. The Clarendon Press in Oxford will produce it, at the cost of the Trinitarian Bible Society in London. It will be very small, and printed page for page from your edition, on beautiful, thin, tough, paper. I have leave to partly modernise the spelling, & hope to obtain leave to do so completely. This will differentiate the edition from yours. I hope you will live to see it.

Yours truly
E. S. Dodgson.


Faksimiles: Universitätsbibliothek Graz Abteilung für Sondersammlungen, Creative commons CC BY-NC https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ (Sig. 02601)