Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (152-02531)

von Edward Spencer Dodgson

an Hugo Schuchardt


02. 11. 1894

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: Vinson, Julien Oxford

Zitiervorschlag: Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (152-02531). Gibraltar, 02. 11. 1894. Hrsg. von Bernhard Hurch (2015). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:hsa.letter.3506, abgerufen am 29. 01. 2023. Handle: hdl.handle.net/ 11471/518.10.1.3506.


Gibraltar, All Souls day, 1894.

Dear Dr Schuchardt,

I arrived here yesterday after Seville, Cadiz, Jerez, Osuna, Ronda and San Roque where I took the coach to Linea. At Seville on my return from Tavira, Villa Real de Santo Antonio, & Castro Marin (Esuri), Ayamonte & Huelva I found a legible & polite card in German from Dr G. Gröber & my manuscript which he had sent back. The Editor of a London magazine has kindly promised to look at my article on D’Urte. If you like to promote his reception of it write to the editor of the Fortnightly Review, II Henrietta street, Covent Garden, London. W. C. & say that as a philologist & a Basque scholar (you are falsely modest in saying that Vinson knows Basque better than you) you can guarantee my competence to speak on the subject. This editor was once my tutor at Oxford, but after I had ceased to reside. I fear I may have been robbed as I left my portmanteau at Seville & gave the talon to the hotel people with orders to send it to San Roque – they write to say they have lost that document, that the railway people refuse to let them extract it because it is open! All very suspicious! It contains the mss of my concordance & some of my rarest1 Basque books.

E. S. Dodgson.
2 address Lista Alicante.


1 Dodgson setzt am rechten Rand fort.

2 Randnotiz auf der linken Seite.

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