Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (131-02515)

von Edward Spencer Dodgson

an Hugo Schuchardt


10. 01. 1894

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: Quaritch Boyveau (Boyveau et Chevillet) Revue des deux mondes Eskualduna Linschmann, Th. Soroa y Lasa, Marcelino Vinson, Julien

Zitiervorschlag: Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (131-02515). Coimbra, 10. 01. 1894. Hrsg. von Bernhard Hurch (2015). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:hsa.letter.3484, abgerufen am 01. 10. 2023. Handle: hdl.handle.net/11471/518.10.1.3484.


Hotel dos Caminhos de Ferro, Coimbra, 10 January 1894.

Dear Dr Schuchardt,

El Cantabro of Tolosa has recommended its readers to buy my Capanaga, which is on sale there in Mugerzas bookshop. Other copies are on sale chez Quaritch, Mr T. Linschmann, Boyveau at Paris, Moquet at Bordeaux, Jérome at Bayonne, Elosu at Durango, and I have sent 10 to Marcelino Soroa Lasa, who is become a teatotaller, as he expressed his willingness and his power to print a critique on the book in La Union Vascongada and suggested that the place of sale should be mentioned. I have over 200 copies on sale here. on page 84 read norçuc in the first line. p. 153 read çauçu and çuec. on p. CLXV read ”y segundo libro bascongado impreso” (Else was first mentioned by Nicolas Antonio whom Vinson speaks of on page 26 but omits in his Tables). on p. CLXXVI read 466 instead of 500 and on p. CLXXIX read, line 8, ”the other the last two letters of the first line, it.” At Luso on the last night of the old year they had a tragedy and a tragi-comedy in the popular theatre by local amateurs who wrote the plays for the occasion. I distinctly heard ”muinto bai” for muito bem and “tambai” for tambem. I find that the people in Portugal often make a slight sound of n at the end of mui without the to – muin frio for instance. My causing about a dozen basque books to be inscribed in the catalogue of the University Library yesterday evoked all the imbecility of the sub-librarian. I gave them the first 32 pages of your recent Academical Baskische studien, and promised to ask you to send the rest of the work. I have just read Bréals article in a recent number of the Revue des Deux Mondes. What connection is there between incontinent and contant except that both express rapidity of action? & what connection between exaucer and exhausser? unless it be the idea that to hear a prayer is to elevate the person who prays? I arrived here on the first of January. If I do not get any pupils I shall probably spend February in Algarve. There is no English teacher of English here. The Eskualduna has not yet begun to fulfil its promise about Duvoisins Bible. I suspect that his literary heir Hariztoy opposes it as he does not like the Bible for popular reading. Pallioppis Dictionary is very incomplete. Is the Rumontch for man from latin Christiano?

E. S. Dodgson.

1 I hope you will live to publish an Etymological Basque Dictionary.

2 Is there, as I suspect, any Basque in old Slavonic?

3 Can Gothic daddjan explain Basque Deizte & etzitze?


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