Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (062-02415)

von Edward Spencer Dodgson

an Hugo Schuchardt


18. 02. 1893

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: École pratique des hautes étudeslanguage Baskisch Chatelain, Héli Eys, Willem Jan van Uhlenbeck, Christian Cornelius Arbois de Jubainville, Henry d´ Arzác y Alberdi, Antonio

Zitiervorschlag: Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (062-02415). Paris, 18. 02. 1893. Hrsg. von Bernhard Hurch (2015). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:hsa.letter.3263, abgerufen am 02. 04. 2023. Handle: hdl.handle.net/11471/518.10.1.3263.


Dear Professor Schuchardt,

why so long silent? I burn for your criticisms and answers to some of my recent questions. MrE. Chatelain says that they will not accept any work for the Ecole des Hautes Etudes because Basque is not taught there! How foolish! why then don’t they teach it by making me professor or by publishing my Concordance which teaches it? My shepherd says that if he wrote darozkudazu it was a mistake as they write and say darozkidazu at his village. Van Eys says that a Dutch Comparative Philologist named Uhlenbeck is joining Hannemanns Basque Society – you should do so too. If anyone would publish my Concordance to Timothy I would with your leave dedicate it to you. Do you agree with De Jubainville in unBasqueing the Ligurians? I notice that in his writings he almost ignores the Basques, probably because he is ignorant of Basque. I should like to see an etymological Basque Dictionary by you. I am revising for Thomas his copy of the first 29 chapters of D’Urtes Genesis. He thinks the Clarendon Press will print it. Priebsch goes to Oxford next week I believe. You would find Capanaga most useful if you coud only persuade that wretch Arzac to publish it as he promised. Will you not revisit Basqueland next summer?

I remain yours truly
E. S. Dodgson.
18 Feb: 1893. 12 Rue de la Sorbonn, Paris.


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