Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (054-02409)

von Edward Spencer Dodgson

an Hugo Schuchardt


05. 02. 1893

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: Euskara (Organ für die Interessen der "Baskischen Gesellschaft") Eskualduna k. u. k. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wienlanguage Baskischlanguage Provenzalischlanguage Irisch Meyer, Paul Roussillon, Girart de Batchelor, John Eys, Willem Jan van Etcheverry, Louis Charencey, Hyacinthe de Arzác y Alberdi, Antonio Ochoa de Capanaga, Martín München

Zitiervorschlag: Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (054-02409). Paris, 05. 02. 1893. Hrsg. von Bernhard Hurch (2015). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:hsa.letter.3192, abgerufen am 28. 01. 2023. Handle: hdl.handle.net/ 11471/518.10.1.3192.


Dear Professor Schuchardt,

I forget how I reported to you Meyers objection to my identifying salvai in the beginning of Girard de Roussillon with the same word in Basque, but on looking at his letter I see that he only denies that salvaias a Provençal word could come from silvaticum. He thinks it a corrupt reading there. I am at work on the gospels in Aino or Ainu, which I began about 3 years ago. I have not yet seen a grammar or Dictionary, though MrBatchelor has published both, at Tokio I believe. You should get them. Many words look like Basque, and some seem to me to be of the same origin. Have you read the Ainu of Japan by MrBatchelor? (London 1892). It is most interesting. Mr. Van Eys says that a Dutch Professor will write in the next n° of the Euskara. Have you received my supplement and the tirage à part of Doihenarts supplementary proverbs wherein are 20 misprints all of which I corrected in the final proofs and only 5 of which occurred in the Eskualduna. Why do you not take in that paper for practice? 10 francs a year. I learn many new words from it, and it may have a useful career before it if well supported. The Proprietor is Mr. le Député Louis Echeverry 16 Rue Meromesnil, Paris. I dined with him in his fine château at St Jean le Vieux last summer. I shall send you someday a list of latin words which I explain by Basque. The Latin Professor at Oxford asked me to write on the subject. You denied at Munich that Irishmaith = good might explain Basque maite. De Charencey shares my view. One loves what one thinks good & the real Basque for love is onhetsi which means “trouver bon”. Are you still recalcitrant and intolerant? Please write to Arzac to urge immediate publication of Capanaga to aid your work for the Academy. Can you help me to publish any parts of my Concordance?

1on p. 544 of my supplement strike out Luis de Etchevarrieta & substitute


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