Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (028-02391)

von Edward Spencer Dodgson

an Hugo Schuchardt


13. 04. 1892

language Englisch

Schlagwörter: Poste restante Académie des Sciences (Paris) Revue critique d'histoire et de littérature Universität Paris-Sorbonne École pratique des hautes études Revue des bibliothèques (Paris) Revue de linguistique et de philologie comparéelanguage Baskisch Abbadie, Antoine d' Inchauspe, Emmanuel Eys, Willem Jan van Goyhetche, Martin Goyetche, Pierre Vinson, Julien Chatelain, Émile Azkue y Aberasturi, Resurrección María de Linschmann, Th. Alighieri, Dante Trueba, Antonio de Sare München Paris

Zitiervorschlag: Edward Spencer Dodgson an Hugo Schuchardt (028-02391). Sens, 13. 04. 1892. Hrsg. von Bernhard Hurch (2015). In: Bernhard Hurch (Hrsg.): Hugo Schuchardt Archiv. Online unter https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:hsa.letter.3090, abgerufen am 26. 09. 2023. Handle: hdl.handle.net/11471/518.10.1.3090.


Sens, April 13, 1892.

Dear Dr Schuchardt,

I was much pleased to find a letter from you at the Poste Restante here this morning - we have had in France an April without precedent in living memory, and I hope the weather has been equally aimiable on the north shore of Garda. I came on monday for a fortnight in the Yonne, and stayed an hour and three quarters at Melun on the way. In the museum of the Cathedral here they have the mitre and mass robes of St Thomas a Becket who lived at St Columbos convent just outside this metropolitical city for the three years before his assassination in Canterbury Cathedral: I went thither yesterday, but found the place occupied by a modern nunnery with however a beautiful new Gothic chapel by an architect of this place, in which three or four sculptured fragments of the medieval chapel are preserved. This is a nice place to be quite quiet in, though it is not depressing like some provincial towns - Some of the place names in the department look in their modern form like Basque e. g. Yrouerre, Irancy, Beru1, Sarri2, etc: etc: But the most Basque of French departments omitting those on the Spanish Frontier is, as I told you in 89, that of the Aisne, where even the medieval forms look Euskarian. I have long urged the Basques to bring out a catena nova librorum Euskarorum vetustiorum - MrA. D’Abbadiemight do much with his own wealth and by his influence with the French Academy. You do not mention specifically the receipt of InchauspesDante Canto primo - You will have noticed if it reached you, with a new Biscayan devotional tomelet, that the line “risposi lui con vergognosa fronte“ is not translated at all, and that the lines “con la paura ch’uscia di sua vista”, “tu sei solo colei da cui io tolsi”, and “vedrai gli antichi spiriti dolenti”, are incorrectly or incompletely translated. A few lines in Basque from you to Inchauspe might encourage him to go on. MrW. J. Van Eys lives at Braia (Genoese for farm house, Basque Borda (perhaps Roumanian Bordei) Van Eys, San Remo, Provinzia di Porto Maurizio. The fables of Goyetche are very badly punctuated - Pierre Goyetche, in whose house at Sare you and I occupied the rooms of the Prince of Bascophiles, told me that their author was his uncle, the curé of Urrugne. The Revue Critique of last year |2| contains a brief notice of Vinsons Bibliography by a sublibrarian of the Sorbonne who knows no Basque. MrChatelain the secretary of the Hautes Etudes and Editor of the Revue des Bibliothèques has consented to my publishing in the latter periodical, probably next month, a fuller attack on the Vinsonian muddles. I should like to see your article thereon. I have read or heard somewhere that bai is used in parts of Ireland to mean yes as in Basque. I have long supposed Corcach to be Basque Kolkoak as it is on a large and much indented gulf or bay. an old Irish name for Connemara, or part of it, seems to me to contain the Basque element which would be suitable to that coast and to the lake-bosoms of its interior. I have hitherto attached Basque Ehun to Gothic hunda, centum, but can it be related to aevum, ἀιων an age, then specifically a period of 100 years? Inchauspes word maina for “studio” puzzles me - Can he be thinking of table, meaning study-table? if so it is incorrect. Azkues grammar is I think a dangerous book. Linschmann would I feel sure lend you the books of our Society, which you ought to join. Spain having no means of sending money by postal order to any forane contry injures herself and irritates all the civilised world - Such civilization as she possesses seems to sit ill upon her. Can Basque pikaina, which I find used in the Exercicio Izpiritualac of Anavitarte 1880 meaning tit-bits, or choicest morsels, be derived from English “ pickings” which we often use in the sense of “selections” of the best parts of anything as well as for the refuse left for the starving to pick up. You will be amused in a few days by my “Helaine” fragment in the Revue de Linguistique if you see that publication. In the latest Edition of my supernumerary psalm I regret not having written “Dauidec” and “ahalquea”, as I had the intention to do. I have sold myself 10 francs worth of the InchauspeanDante besides the 10 francs worth bought up by the author - if I sell 10 francs worth more I shall have recovered the cost of printing. The3 Dante Society of Cambridge, Massachusetts have promised to reprint it. I think we discussed at Munich the case of “en sin” in the Cuentu ñarigudu in the Olla Asturiana - I at first thought “en” meant “and” as in Icelandic or Flemish, but I suppose it goes with sin and means “in (a state of) without”, the Basque “gabean”. I go to Auxerre on Monday and return to Paris on the 25th. They call many of the streams in this department “ru


4Vinson says the Ostolaza belonged to Antonio de Trueba, since whose death he has not heard what is become of that unique and most invaluable book.

1 Heute: Bery.

2 Heute: Sarry.

3 Fortsetzung am linken und danach am oberen Rand.

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