Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages


Buttons underneath highlight semantic annotation visualisation, buttons are displayed in relation to the annotation of the text (if a button is not here, the data is not annotated!)

  • Ingredient: (usually) edible material used in cooking
  • Dish: general category of food
  • Tool: equipment used in cooking
  • Name: proper name of dish
  • Instruction: one set of action during dooking
  • Opener: phrase opening a recipe text
  • Closer: phrase closing a recipe text
  • Ref.: reference to another recipe
  • Kitchen Tip: set of actions concerning cooking
  • Household Tip: set of actions concerning household matters
  • Serving Tip: set of actions concerning dishing and serving the food
  • Speech ( ): active speech act of chef or other individual
  • Excluded ingredient ( ): potential ingredient is actively excluded
  • Compared to… ( ): comparison to suggest shape, measurement, etc.
  • Analogy ( ): something other is simulated (“fake” dish)

Ingredients / Tools: Indexes of ingredient and tool concepts reachable via English translation in brackets trailing Early New High German spelling

Metadata: Transcription and recipe view reachable via buttons next to recipe number under Metadata

Similar recipes: provides information on recipe relationships

Categories show, if decidable, main ingredient, distinct preparation method and type of dish

License and citation suggestion available via buttons next to manuscript signature below the manuscript image.



§ iij Itemm wiltu krosßeiger machenn So nim eier die brich an denn spitzenn huepschlich uf vnd tuo wurtz vnd saltz daran vnd ruer es mit einem hoeltzlin gar wol vnder ein andrenn doch so wern ziment [10v] Plued tuo die aller bestenn wurtzen darin oder wol gestosstenn ziment oder nuscatt bluede oder nusgat so zimelich wuertz vnd sunst niut sol man nemenn zuo dissenn eiern vnd mach das loechlin obnen zuo mit eier cklar vnd stuertz darunder Also magstu si brattenn in einem schmaltz oder in heisser eschenn das si keiner anruere

So1 - "Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek, Cod. S 490"