Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages


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  • Dish: general category of food
  • Tool: equipment used in cooking
  • Name: proper name of dish
  • Instruction: one set of action during dooking
  • Opener: phrase opening a recipe text
  • Closer: phrase closing a recipe text
  • Ref.: reference to another recipe
  • Kitchen Tip: set of actions concerning cooking
  • Household Tip: set of actions concerning household matters
  • Serving Tip: set of actions concerning dishing and serving the food
  • Speech ( ): active speech act of chef or other individual
  • Excluded ingredient ( ): potential ingredient is actively excluded
  • Compared to… ( ): comparison to suggest shape, measurement, etc.
  • Analogy ( ): something other is simulated (“fake” dish)

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Pear puree

Eyn guet fuelle


Dessau, Anhaltische Landesbücherei Dessau, Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek und Sondersammlung, Georg Hs. 278.2°Source Collection: Ds1, fol. 125rRecipe Nr. 13 Dating: 1st half to middle of 15th c.Origin: place of origin unknownLang:

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Same title: b4.110, b4.76, bs1.272, w1.114, w1.78, w4.14, k1.37, k1.38, m11.13, m11.85, so1.17, ds1.13, wo8.208, wo8.209, wo8.210Shared ingredients: m11.13, ds1.13Same ingredients in following recipe: 0Same tools in following recipe: 0


Main ingredient: fruitPreparation: pureeType: -

Eyn guet fuelle Wiltu machen ein spise besnyde biren schone vnd spalt die In virteil vnd leg sie In eynen hafen vnd bedeck den hafen vnd becleibe is mit teyge das der bradem icht usz muege denne bestuercze den hafen mit eyner wyten stuerczen vnd lege daruemb glueende koln vnd lasz es langsam backenn Szo nym denn die byren herusz vnd thu reynes honig darzcu als vil als der piren ist vnd sewde es mit einander das es dick werde vnd gibs hin Alszo macht du auch von oeppfel vnd von kuetten machen aber man sal pfeffers genug darzcu thun

Ds1 - "Dessau, Anhaltische Landesbücherei Dessau, Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek und Sondersammlung, Georg Hs. 278.2°"