Cooking Recipes of the Middle Ages


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  • Ingredient: (usually) edible material used in cooking
  • Dish: general category of food
  • Tool: equipment used in cooking
  • Name: proper name of dish
  • Instruction: one set of action during dooking
  • Opener: phrase opening a recipe text
  • Closer: phrase closing a recipe text
  • Ref.: reference to another recipe
  • Kitchen Tip: set of actions concerning cooking
  • Household Tip: set of actions concerning household matters
  • Serving Tip: set of actions concerning dishing and serving the food
  • Speech ( ): active speech act of chef or other individual
  • Excluded ingredient ( ): potential ingredient is actively excluded
  • Compared to… ( ): comparison to suggest shape, measurement, etc.
  • Analogy ( ): something other is simulated (“fake” dish)

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Sloe pickles

Schleen kumpost


Berlin, Staatsbibliothek – Preußischer Kulturbesitz –, Handschriftenabteilung, Ms. germ. oct. 477Source Collection: B5, fol. 046vRecipe Nr. 2 Dating: 1424-1427Origin: area of Beßlich on the RhineLang: Franconian

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Same title: bs1.168, b5.2Shared ingredients: b5.2Same ingredients in following recipe: 0Same tools in following recipe: 0


Main ingredient: fruitPreparation: preserveType: -

ad faciendum schleen kumpost Schleen kumpost macht man also eyn virtel schleen vnde .200. nespeln vnde .50. regels bern ader me vnde laß dy regels bern ober syeden als das sy eynen guten wal tun vnde wan das geschicht so nement eyn kobel vnd legent dan von erst eyn lege nespeln vnde dan eyne lege schleen vnde dan bern dar zwschen vnd wan es gar geleyt wirt so neymdan honig vnde suße win dar noch daz er vil muß sin vnde sydent daz honig vnde den win vndereynander vnde laßent dy bru ober nocht sten das sy wol kalt werde vnd gaß dy brue dan dar ober vnde deckent es zuo des honiges vnde dez wyns salglich vil sin Dy meßpeln solkent [47r] harte sin Dy schleyn sal der ryffe gebißen han

B5 - "Berlin, Staatsbibliothek – Preußischer Kulturbesitz –, Handschriftenabteilung, Ms. germ. oct. 477"