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The ‘23 August’ cinema in Sovata

The ‘23 August’ cinema in Sovata, © Arhiva Naţională de Filmeenlarge


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Object:The ‘23 August’ cinema in Sovata
Description:Photograph of the ‘23 August’ cinema in Sovata, central Romania. The building has three entrance doors, with billboards to their left and right.
Comment:Sovata (Hung. Szováta) is a spa in Transylvania. The date August 23rd marks the day of the royal coup in Bucharest in 1944, the termination of the alliance with Nazi Germany and the overthrow of the government of dictator Ion Antonescu.
Date:Not before 1944
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Romania (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Arhiva Naţională de Filme
Archive:Arhiva Naţională de Filme (Collection ANF), Inv. No.: Doc-Cat 37
Editor:Karl Kaser