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The summer cinema in Arad

The summer cinema in Arad, © Arhiva Naţională de Filmeenlarge


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Object:The summer cinema in Arad
Description:The colourized photo postcard shows the summer cinema in Arad. In the centre, the cinema screen shows a colourized landscape. The seats are grouped into two sectors. In the front sector, the seats are aligned in rows. The rear sector is divided into sections resembling boxes. The entrance area is seen on the picture’s right margin. The roofs of a church or castle can be seen in the background.
Comment:The colourized landscape on the screen seems to have been inserted by the postcard designer.
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Romania (historical)
Type:Photo postcard
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Arhiva Naţională de Filme
Archive:Arhiva Naţională de Filme (Collection ANF), Inv. No.: Doc-Cat 19
Editor:Karl Kaser