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Advertisement for the feature film ‘Seventh Heaven’

Advertisement for the feature film ‘Seventh Heaven’, © Arhiva Naţională de Filmeenlarge


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Object:Advertisement for the feature film ‘Seventh Heaven’
Description:The poster advertises the feature ‘Seventh Heaven’ with the Romanian title ‘Ingerul străzii’. The film title is displayed in both languages. It stars Simone Simon and James Stewart. The framed poster consists of a collage of pictures. In the centre is a man in a cap and a dark-haired woman looking towards the sky. They are surrounded by a crowd of more than thirty people in the mid- and lower section of the poster. The Eiffel Tower can be seen in the background. Below, two stamps are stamped onto the image, extending into the frame. The left stamp is that of the Romanian state archive. The names of producer Darryl F. Zanuck and director Henry King are displayed in the top left corner.
Comment:The American feature was directed by Henry King and released in 1932.
Date:Not before 1932
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Romania (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Arhiva Naţională de Filme
Archive:Arhiva Naţională de Filme (Collection ANF), Inv. No.: Doc-Cat 10
Editor:Karl Kaser