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Turkish actress Bedia Muvahhit (1897–1994)

Turkish actress Bedia Muvahhit (1897–1994), © TÜRVAK – Türker İnanoğlu Foundationenlarge


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Object:Turkish actress Bedia Muvahhit (1897–1994)
Description:The photograph shows Bedia Muvahhit. She has dark hair and is wearing make-up and earrings and is dressed in a blouse.
Comment:Before Bedia Muvahhit became an actress, she worked as switchboard operator during World War I in Istanbul. She was the first woman to work in the public sector in the Ottoman Empire.
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:TÜRVAK – Türker İnanoğlu Foundation
Archive:TÜRVAK – Türker İnanoğlu Foundation (Collection TÜRVAK), Inv. No.: TÜRVAK 4
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