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Advertisement for the Turkish feature film ‘Ateşten Gömlek’

Advertisement for the Turkish feature film ‘Ateşten Gömlek’, © TÜRVAK – Türker İnanoğlu Foundationenlarge


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Object:Advertisement for the Turkish feature film ‘Ateşten Gömlek’
Description:The leaflet shows the Turkish flag in the background. The text presents the storyline of the film and the names of the leading actors, among them Muhsin Ertuğrul, who was also director, and of the actresses Bedia Muvahhit and Neyire Neyir.
Comment:The Turkish Republic was founded in 1923, the year in which ‘Ateşten Gömlek’ (‘The Daughter of Smyrna’ or ‘The Shirt of Flame’) was released. Bedia Muvahhit and Neyire Neyir were the first Turkish actresses who were officially permitted to perform.
Date:Not before 1923
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Turkey (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:TÜRVAK – Türker İnanoğlu Foundation
Archive:TÜRVAK – Türker İnanoğlu Foundation (Collection TÜRVAK), Inv. No.: TÜRVAK 3
Editor:Karl Kaser