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Poster advertising the Bulgarian feature film ‘Privărzanyat balon’

Poster advertising the Bulgarian feature film ‘Privărzanyat balon’, © Bălgarskata nacionalna filmotekaenlarge


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Object:Poster advertising the Bulgarian feature film ‘Privărzanyat balon’
Description:The poster consists of a collage of four pictures with the film title ‘Privărzanyat balon’ (The attached balloon) in the centre. The three pictures in the upper section of the poster show a balloon with people standing around it. The second and third pictures show two men in hats looking at each other; between them a column displays the names of the leading members of the production team. The picture in the lower section shows a group of men (one is holding a gun in his right hand) who have raised a donkey or a mule.
Comment:The feature was directed by Binka Željazkova in 1967 but not released in communist Bulgaria.
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Bulgaria (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Bălgarskata nacionalna filmoteka
Archive:Bălgarskata nacionalna filmoteka (Collection Fototeka), Inv. No.: Fototeka 21
Editor:Karl Kaser