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Bulgarian film director Hristo Piskov (1927–2009)

Bulgarian film director Hristo Piskov (1927–2009), © Bălgarskata nacionalna filmotekaenlarge


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Object:Bulgarian film director Hristo Piskov (1927–2009)
Description:Portrait photograph of Bulgarian film director Hristo Piskov. He has dark hair and is wearing glasses with a dark frame, a white shirt, a grey jacket and grey necktie.
Comment:Hristo Piskov was a graduate of the Moscow Cinema Institute. In collaboration with his wife, Irina Aktasheva, he made an attempt at a nonconformist tale about young workers, ‘Ponedelnik sutrin’ (Monday morning). His search for a more original view of the human being and the realities of socialism meet with sharp reactions and ‘Ponedelnik sutrin’ was not shown for more than twenty years. The film was completed in 1966 but only premiered in 1988.
Date:Not before 1970
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Bulgaria (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
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