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Shooting of the Albanian feature film ‘Skenderbeu’

Shooting of the Albanian feature film ‘Skenderbeu’, © Arkivi Qendror Shteteror i Filmit, Tiranaenlarge


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Object:Shooting of the Albanian feature film ‘Skenderbeu’
Description:The photograph shows a man from the back, his arms held upward as though directing something. Another man photographed in profile is watching him and holding the limb of a tree in his hands. A man and woman are sitting behind a film camera on a kind of platform. In the background, a ceremonial act is taking place: men and women in traditional costume are sitting at a well-laden table in front of a big tree.
Comment:‘Skenderbeu’ was a Soviet feature with Albanian contribution. It was released in 1954 and directed by Sergei Yutkevich. The Russian film title was ‘Velikiy voin Albanii Skanderbeg’ (‘Великий воин Албании Скандербег’).
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Albania (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Arkivi Qendror Shteteror i Filmit, Tirana
Archive:Arkivi Qëndror Shtetëror i Filmit (Collection Fototeka), Inv. No.: Fototeka 4
Editor:Karl Kaser