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Poster announcing the feature film ‘Un dia de vida’

Poster announcing the feature film ‘Un dia de vida’, © Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Belgradeenlarge


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Object:Poster announcing the feature film ‘Un dia de vida’
Description:The centre of the poster features four stills from the film. The upper section displays the original Spanish film title, ‘Un dia de vida’, and its equivalent in Serbo-Croatian: ‘Jedan dan života’. The poster’s lower section indicates Mexico as the country of production and displays the names of director Emilio Fernández and cameraman Gabriel Fugueroa, as well as of the leading actors Columba Domínguez, Roberto Cañedo and Rosaura Revueltas. The logo of distribution company ‘Morava film Beograd’ appears in the lower right corner.
Comment:Some of the names in the poster are slightly misspelt. The feature was released in 1950.
Country:unknown (contemporary)
Yugoslavia (historical)
Keywords:540 Commercialized Entertainment > 546 Motion Picture Industry
Copyright:Jugoslovenska kinoteka, Belgrade
Archive:Jugoslovenska kinoteka (Collection Fototeka), Inv. No.: Posters 4
Editor:Karl Kaser